Next Open Morning - 10th November. Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Parents must wear a face covering if they need to visit the school reception desk. Open Days: Wednesday 20th October and Thursday 9th December.
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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher

Miss Kim Greenslade 



Mrs Emily Woodward - Owls (Reception & Year 1)

Mrs Charlotte O'Leary - Buzzards (Year 2) 

Mrs Jo Griffiths - Robins (Year 3/4) 

Mrs Izzy Phelps - Woodpeckers (Year 5/6)



Miss Fiona Robinson


School Office

Mrs Stephanie Hoare - Office Manager

Mrs Dawn Alvey - Admin Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Hancock - Lunchtime Supervisor / Breakfast and After School Club Assistant
Miss Katie Hannigan - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)
Mrs Bev Hutchings - HLTA / TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Trudy Mancini - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Janice Miller - HLTA / TA / Lunchtime Supervisor / After School Club Supervisor 
Mrs Gwawr Sebright - TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Vanessa Willis - HLTA / TA / Lunchtime Play Leader

Mrs Jackie Porter-Hicks - TA /  Lunchtime Supervisor



Mrs Sharon Wyatt - School Caretaker