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We are...Database Engineers

We are...Database Engineers


We created a database about Year 5 pupils and added ourselves as records.  We explored the database to see how data could be arranged, sorted and grouped.  Then we searched the database to find answers to specific questions, such as: How many children wear glasses?; Which children have blonde hair?; Who has blue eyes & wears glasses?; etc.  Here is some of the information we discovered:


How many children have brown hair?




Who is 9 years old & wears glasses?



We also looked at a different type of database containing villains from 'Cartoonland'*, where we had to help Detective Droopy discover who had committed the crimes.  We managed to create a query & enter specific criteria based on the clues we had found.


Case 1 - A theft in Cartoonland

At the crime scene, we discovered a car tyre track in the mud; a size 6 shoe print; and a strand of red hair - this lead us to the following culprit:



Case 2 - A murder in Cartoonland

At the crime scene, a black hair was found by the body; a size 9 footprint was spotted; and some strange items had been left behind - a script, a green hat, some make up and a car manual.  We soon discovered who the criminal was:



Detective Droopy was really pleased with our work & is confident that we are all able to search databases to answer complex questions.


* Thanks to Pam Jones for this resource.