Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Parents must wear a face covering if they need to visit the school reception desk.
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June 2021

It have been a pleasure to see the school in action since all the pupils returned on the 8th March.  


As a school community, it is vitally important that we continue to follow the strict safety measures we have in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, as a small school we are able to bring classes together when creating our bubbles.


From 7th June, our two Key Stage 2 classes  will join together to create one bubble.  This will allow them to mix when they are outside and in the school hall.  This is a positive step and the children are excited to be joining bubbles and reconnecting with their friends at lunchtime. 


Our risk assessments are reviewed and updated to reflect the latest guidance.  All information linked to COVID-19, including risk assessments, information for parents - both from the school and relevant agencies will be available for parents from this page.


Kim Greenslade




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