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Extra-Curricular Activities

     Spring Term     

Easter Bonnet Parade - 29/03/23

Woodpeckers, along with the rest of the school, took part in an Easter bonnet competition.  Here are our entries:

Easter Cracked - 24/03/23

We were invited to 'witness' the Easter Story unfold before our eyes - we became totally immersed in Jesus' last week on Earth.

Snow Day at School - 08/03/23

Woodies were very busy at school on Wednesday:


Building snowmen...






























Creating snow-thrones...
















Having snowball fights...










and making the most of the snow. 





French Pen Pals' Correspondence - 28/02/23

We are excited to have received some new letters from our pen pals in France.  We will write back & tell them about some of the things we have been learning in our French lessons, i.e. our hobbies, our family, all about us, and also about our school.



Football Tournament - 09/02/23

Our school team enjoyed success against Staplegrove School with a 4-1 win.  They were great ambassadors for our school showing great resilience, determination, super defending and an all round positive sporting attitude.  Well done!



Gardening - 09/02/23

We spent the morning sweeping up lots of leaves and tidying our quiet area, the wooden trim trail area and the front of the school.  Most of us were tired after all that work but we had great fun and are very proud of our achievements!


Safer Internet Day - 07/02/23

The Digital Leaders led an assembly for the whole school for Safer Internet Day.  They talked about what Safer Internet Day means, why it is celebrated across the UK and then they read the story, "Hanni and the Magic Window" to promote this year's campaign: 


Want to talk about it?  Making space for conversations about life online



     Autumn Term     

KS2 Christmas Carol Concert - 14/12/22


At St Mary's Church, Kingston St. Mary, Robins & Woodpeckers classes gave a stunning performance of Christmas Carols, old & new, along with beautifully recreated tableaux depicting the Christmas story and some reflective readings.


The concert was followed with mince pies and mulled wine to start the festive season.


Christmas Cards from France



Mme Colombet has kindly linked us up with a school in France to be able to exchange correspondence and find out about each other.  We received their Christmas cards just before Christmas and we look forward to writing about ourselves and replying in the New Year.  


Whole School Trip to the Pantomime - 13/12/22

The Whole School boarded buses to the Northcott Theatre in Exeter to watch the very colourful and very funny pantomime, Robin Hood.  It was a very modern twist on the legendary tale of Robin & Marion with singing, dancing and audience participation.  The children loved it but I think the adults enjoyed it more!


Christmas Craft - Creating Calendars

To create a picture that would last all year round, Woodpeckers spent a lot of time trying to capture the essence of each season in one picture of a lonely tree.  They produced some stunning results and when the calendars were finally constructed, they went home as gifts for parents.


KSM Harvest Festival - 17/10/22

The whole school was pleased to be warmly welcomed back to St Mary's Church to perform their Harvest songs & poem to parents for the first time since 2019.  The children all sang their hearts out & Woodpeckers sang some beautiful harmonies.  All our gifts were donated to the Open Door charity. 


Woodpeckers' Greek Day - 31/10/22




We were transported back to Ancient Greece for a day, thanks to 'Portals to the Past'.


We listened to famous stories, myths & legends, learning about the Ancient Greeks and their Gods & Goddesses.


We were fascinated by Archimedes' screw, enabling water to be transported uphill!!


We were perplexed by the intriguing puzzles from that time.




We prepared for battle by learning to march & then practised our battle maneouvres. 



We handled weapons and tried on armour, which would have been made to measure.



Finally we took part in our own version of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.