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14/12/20 Christmas activities - Merry Christmas Owls!


As you can see from the photos the children have had a very busy week! In phonics the children have learnt the j , sh and V sounds.


During own learning time they have enjoyed playing with the pretend snow and cars, Mobilo and the outdoor role play shop. They have also helped to set up Santa's grotto and have been busy writing letters and wrapping presents. 


In Maths, The children have been learning to subitise numbers to 5 without counting the objects. E.G.   .. ...    ... ..     .... .   


This week the children learnt to recognise and write the l, h and r sounds. For 'r' the children had fun painting rainbows and colouring robots. 


In Maths we looked at sequencing. The children discussed their morning routines and we talked about what the words yesterday, today and tomorrow meant. 


Our story focus for the next few weeks is The Three Little Pigs. The children enjoyed retelling the story using small world toys and have made a house of straw, sticks and bricks. 



This week the children have been taught the e and f sounds. They used their playdough to create something beginning with f. 


In Maths we have been looking at 4 sided shapes. The children used lolly sticks and 2D shapes to create their own pictures.


Towards the end of the week we starting looking at night and day and discussing all the things we see at night. The children used water paints to paint a night time picture and also shared their bedtime routines.


The boys have all really enjoyed making robot cars out of Mobilo. There has been some fantastic creations made. 


This week the children have been learning to read and write the b and K sound. They have wowed us with their letter formation and blending of words. After reading Farmer Duck again the children wrote a sorry card to duck from the farmer. They all tried hard to sound out the words and to use some of our red words. 


We have had a new addition to the class this week and that was a cute little black cat. He is a little cheeky and likes to come in to the school. The children were so fascinated with him that they decided to draw his picture and to write him a card. 


In Maths we have learn't all about the number 5. They have learnt how to make 5 using 2 different numbers and to find one more than a number between 0-5. 


The art area was very popular this week. The children made cards, rockets, light sabers and robot heads. We have also been using a how to draw book to help us add more detail to our pictures. The Children also created a lovely Remembrance day display. 


The children have learnt to read and write the o and u sounds. They have also been wowing us with their blending and segmenting of simple CVC words. All of the children have been given a blending book and some have been given an additional book with words. Whenever you can, try to practice segmenting and blending simple words as this will help your child to hear how words are put back together. For example: It is time for b-e-d - bed. Remember to use the phonetic sound and not the letter name. 


The children really enjoyed painting pictures of fireworks using toilet roll tubes. We think they turned out really well. We also had a safety discussion about fireworks and sparklers. All of children had a very good understanding of this. 


In maths we looked at positional language and described where teddy was. We also started looking at number 4 in greater detail. Learning how to write it and finding different ways to make number four. The children were able to tell me 2+2 = 4, 2+1+1=4 and so does 3+1. 


This week the children have learnt to read and write the p and g sounds (phonemes). They are getting very good at writing the sounds using the pre-cursive strokes and naming objects beginning with those sounds. The children are becoming much more confident at hearing the sounds within words and today they tried to write some simple CVC words (cat, mat, pig). 


In maths the children have been learning all about the number 3. They have been finding all the different ways to make 3 and looking at different representations of it. 


Today (21st) the children enjoyed putting on their wet weather clothes and wellies and had a play in the rain. They also enjoyed a class discussion about Halloween and had the chance to draw their own scary pumpkins. 



This week the children have been taught to recognise and write the t, n and i sounds.  They have also been taught to read the tricky red words my, I , of, the. In Maths we have been learning all about the number 2. 


The children have enjoyed playing with the porridge oats - filling their tractors and hiding the animals for others to find. They have also enjoyed playing in the new outdoor Pizza Restaurant. 


The children have now been taught to recognise and write the the c,m,a,d and s sounds so far. They have also been taught to read the tricky red words my, I , of.


The children have been fantastic at remembering each red word and each sound. They are also learning to hear sounds within words so we are doing lots of segmenting and blending during our phonics lessons. For example m-a-n = man.


We are aware that writing the sounds may take a little longer and each child will develop these skills at different rates. Please do not worry if your child is not interested in writing them at this stage. 


The children enjoyed their first welly walk today. We went looking for signs of autumn. 

October 2020

We love own learning time

Academic Year 2020/21


Welcome to Owls Class! 


We are so pleased with how the new reception children have settled in over the last few weeks. It has been lovely getting to know all of the children. 


During the first 3 weeks of term the children were able to explore the classroom and all of the resources. The teachers were able to settle the children in and learn about their individual interests and abilities.


This week the children completed their first full week. They did really well to keep going and we are very proud of them.


This week In Phonics the children have learnt the c and m sound. They have been really good at naming objects beginning with these sounds and trying to write them using pre- cursive letter formation. We are aware that the writing may come at a later stage. 


In Maths the children have been sorting objects, comparing numbers using  'more and 'fewer' and making repeating patterns. 


During the afternoons we started our topic work on 'Farms'. The children have each painted a different farm animal and learnt some facts about some of the animals. 


The children have been given some sound cards to practise. We will be covering all of these sounds over the next few weeks. Practising these often will help the children to remember them. 


Today, the children thoroughly enjoyed their PE session with Miss story. Even though it was raining we managed to get outside in the outdoor classroom. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Academic Year 2019/20

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fantastic work on the children’s first week back at school!

The Hungry Caterpillar

Dear Zoo

Owls' Rainbows

Great Gruffalo Artwork

Super Spring Pictures

Fabulous Family Drawings

Home Learning Challenge - Wednesday 22nd April

Keeping busy during own Learning time ........

A day in the life of an Owl.... .......................

We love own learning time..........

Nativity visit - Trip to Bethlehem

Puppet Show

Maths in EYFS

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