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We are...Game Developers

We are...Game Developers


We have been planning our interactive games using a storyboard, thinking about the different types of algorithms needed, i.e. how to make the characters move, when to score points, how to reset the points total, setting up a timer, etc.


We used 'Scratch' (block-programming software) to create, test & develop our game.  We will ask the Year 2 children to play our games & provide feedback for development and improvement.

Scratch 'Em All by Imogen & Evie

Bank Robbery by Jacob & Finlay

Beat the Goalie by Jesse & Steffan

Space Dog Maze by Paiyton & Gracie

Flappy Turtle by Alex & Lola

Mountainbike Racing by Ruben & Thomas

Greedy Dog by Ruby & Tilly

Escape Room by Josie & Freddie