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2022 - 2023

Multi-skills & Sports Day - 23rd June 2023


This half term, we have been practising our track and field skills in preparation for Sports Day - a full day of sport...and the weather was kind to us!


We started off by running the Golden Mile round the field to help us limber up, then the rest of the morning was spent working in our tractor group teams taking part in a variety of multi-skill activities, which had been organised  and were run by the Yr6 Sports Leaders.


There was:

     * Beat the Goalie;

     * Throwing bean bags into hoops of varying values;

     * Closest bean bag to the cone wins;

     * Javelin throwing;

     * Cricket skills;

     * Standing Long Jump

The afternoon was full of running races in our tractor group teams, where we all tried our very best and had a fantastic time.  The best races, of course, involved water!

PE - 31st March 2023


This half term, Woodies have been working on dance movements relating to the seasons.  Each week they considered how they could express a season through the art of dance.  Finally, they put together a full dance routine and performed it for the rest of the school.  We were 'blown' away by their original ideas!

Here are some pictures capturing that moment:

PE - 3rd February 2023


Woodpeckers PE today was playing jungle gym with the apparatus as a warm up led by three girls from the class.


They were then challenged to make still shapes on the apparatus to then be judged on the most creative.


Miss Storey then challenged them again to make the shapes but now on the move with the help of a partner.


Their ideas and strength were amazing.

PE  - 20th January 2023


Woodies looked at linking, jumping and rolling.


Linking and rolling with a partner or group.


Combining jumps together and coming up with a variety of ways to vault.

PE - 6th January 2023


Woodies PE today was all about body management and control through stillness.


They recapped the gymnastics shapes from previous years and moved on pretty quick to look at making letters and words out of their bodies.

PE - 14th October 2023


Dodgeball competition in PE today for Woodies.

They were playing in their tractor groups.

Some of them showed off some very powerful throws.

I like some of the expressions on their faces laugh

PE - 30th September 2023


Woodies PE this week was more team building.

Miss Storey said "Watching them work together on their magic carpet challenge was brilliant. So many opinions being shared and lots of communication".


2021 - 2022

PE - 7th January 2022


Woodies PE today was recapping the 5 gymnastic shapes and then linking them together in groups.


Miss Storey asked them to creative ideas linking the gymnastic shapes together.


For those that need reminding what the 5 gymnastic shapes are:


Star, Pike, Tuck, Pencil and Straddle

PE - 17th December 2021


Woodies before Christmas enjoyed making snowman using PE equipment.


Very good even balancing of equipment for some human snowmen but some were just putting the equipment haphazardly on.


I think their animals look like Reindeer, I'm only going on the red nose.

PE - 12 November 2021

PE - 5th November 2021

PE - 15th October 2021


Woodpeckers Intra house Dodgeball Competition


Woodies sport leaders led, refereed and explained the rules of Dodgeball to Woodpeckers before they had their Intra house competition.


The results were:

1st place - Fordson Major

2nd place - John Deere

3rd place - Massey Ferguson

PE - 1st October 2021


Woodies PE today was drawing maps for each other and finding something hidden in the map.


They then raced each other to complete each others maps and find the hidden object.