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We are...Detectives

We are...Detectives

We have been solving the mystery of the missing Easter bunny & the disappearance of the chocolate Easter eggs, by reading, sending & replying to emails, listening to a witness statement & using a fact file to create a table and identify the culprit.


We received an email from Mother Nature asking for our help.



After agreeing to help, we received another email from Mother Nature with some helpful information.



We read each of the statements to determine where the Easter bunny might have disappeared and deduced that he had gone on holiday, skiing in France!!  We informed Mother Nature straight away and assumed the mystery had been solved.  However, it wasn't long after that we received another urgent email from Mother Nature asking for more help.



We were keen to get started, so we investigated the fact file for clues, listened to the audio file from Witness A and wrote an email to Witness B asking for information.


We created a simple table with the information from the fact file.



Once we had gathered all the clues, we queried the table to discover the culprit was Robin Hood.



However, it had all been a misunderstanding & the eggs have been returned just in time for Easter.  Hurrah!