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Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Summer Term

Using the outdoor classroom for some 'Acting'

We have some vegetable and flower seeds to plant! Today we found out about edible plants. We were already very knowledgeable because of our Farming Topic in the Autumn Term. We have planted some herbs in pots which we hope to sell.

Spring 2021

Our Science topic for the Summer Term will be plants. In preparation for this we have planted sunflower seeds, cleared all the pots ready for planting and planted some potatoes so we can observe how they grow.

Cricket coaching has been great fun! Our bowling and batting has really improved!

The costumes were amazing today! A great collection of knights, dragons and princesses arrived for our topic wow day.

Monday 4th January

Topic Dress Up Day

Come to school dressed as a princess, knight or dragon.

Week 6th December 

Today we made sure the roof was waterproof. Then our house had to withstand the fan so we could check that it would be safe for The Three Little Pigs!

We started to make a suitable house for the Three Little Pigs. On Thursday we will make sure our houses have a waterproof roof.

Week 30th November

Then it was Year 2s turn. They made some REALLY revolting sandwiches!

Year 1 had great fun today creating their own ‘Disgusting Sandwich’.

Week 23rd November

We have explored materials to see if they will stretch, squash and bend.

We enjoyed the sunshine to draw Autumn trees for our ‘Seasons Study’.

Week 9th November 


Today we wrote about Remembrance Day. We couldn't buy poppies this year so Mrs Palmer made us some (and donated to The Poppy Appeal).

We are loving our new book The Disgusting Sandwich! Mrs Palmer found a disgusting sandwich outside and we all agreed that it was DISGUSTING!

Week 12th October

William reviewed his book this week. He chose it because he loves dogs. We enjoyed all of the rhyming words.

Week 5th October

We played pirates in PE. This helped us to improve our co-ordination to do two things at once (running and holding a ball) and working as a team to take turns.

Our book review this week was a Horrid Henry book. We all laughed a lot!

As part of our Farming in Somerset topic, we investigated products to see if they were made in Somerset or not. We found the places in Somerset on a map.

Week 28th September 

We have dodged the raindrops this week to run as many 'Golden Miles' as we can. Also, in PE, Miss Storey has been teaching us about keeping our bodies healthy so we are eating lots of fruit at break time!

We are all loving our new 'Book Bag' books. They closely match the phonic scheme and we take them home to read to consolidate our learning at school.

We found out about old farming methods when they used horses instead of tractors! We also learnt about what different farm animals give us.

It was very wet at lunchtime today so we watched a Tractor Ted DVD all about harvesting vegetables. It was very helpful for our topic learning.

Week 21st September 

This week Year 1 starting learning about The Little Red Hen and Year 2 learned about Character Description. 

Albie chose The World's Worst Children for this book review. He loves the book because it is so funny. We thought so too when Mrs Palmer read a chapter.

Sequencing The Little Red Hen

Our handwriting is becoming beautiful and Year 2 are making sure they know their key words!

Week 7th September 


We have had a busy first week back!  We began our 'Farming in Somerset' topic, played listening games, had stories and enjoyed our first PE lesson with Miss Storey.

We thought about if a mammal, bird or reptile came from an egg or not!

Sorting animals into Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores

We have made a reading area outside

We have been reading our holiday diaries

Completing Puzzles

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Our last day in Year 1. We did some experiments with colour using paper towels and food colouring.

We had a great last PE lesson. We all got a bit wet including Miss Storey!

Tuesday 14th July. We made lion collages!

Today we spotted a grasshopper! It stayed very still when it sensed us!

We have been learning about the King of the Jungle! Today we used charcoal to draw the Lion's head. We all got a bit messy but our pictures were brilliant!

We found lots of leaves in our wooded area and grounds. Then we used them to make beautiful leaf prints.

Jemima has been learning about Africa at home. Look at her amazing food web and Kenyan flag.

We have been very busy learning about the continent of Africa. We weren't too sure about the elephant poo notepad that Mrs Palmer brought in!

Thursday 18th June


Hello everyone.  Packs are ready to be collected tomorrow (Friday) between 9am and 3pm.  Please email me if you have any queries and remember to send me pictures.  Best wishes.

Mrs Palmer

Thursday 27th May


Hello Year 2 Parents.  I have just sent you all an email.  I would be grateful if you could send me a quick reply so that I know everyone has received it.  Thank you smiley 

Sophia wrote a very entertaining story and created a super Great Fire of London timeline.

A super story from Harry B and great topic work!

Friday 22nd May


Hello everyone.


It is likely that I will be back at school after the Half Term, with the Year 1 children, but we will have a better idea by the end of next week.  Please bear with me until then with regards to Home Learning from 1st June onwards.   Year 2 parents, please can you keep an eye out for an email I will send today.  Hope you all have a lovely half term and the sun continues to shine.


Mrs Palmer

Friday 15th May


Hi Everyone.  I have uploaded new Home Learning documents for next week.  Have a good weekend!


Mrs Palmer

New Home Learning pictures 15th May. Buzzards' children have been trying super hard with their spellings and maths challenge. Albie made a calendar to help him learn how to spell the months of the year. Adam wrote some fantastic sentences to describe his monster. Well done to everyone who is doing their home learning. Keep sending me pictures!

Friday 8th May


Hello everyone.  New home learning resources are added on the Homework page.  Happy weekend. 

New home learning pictures

Friday 1st May

Hello everyone.  I have put new home learning in the Homework section.  The game to play for topic this week is brilliant.  I really enjoyed playing it and I am sure you will too!  Have a lovely weekend and keep sending me your pictures. 

Super spelling

Monday 27th April There has been lots more learning going on and Albie has lost a tooth! Has anyone else? Please keep your amazing Great Fire of London artwork so we can make a display when we come back to school.

Great Fire of London Artwork

Friday 24th April

Hello Buzzards!  New learning for next week has been added in the Homework Section.  Instructions are on the 'Summer Term Plan' in the Homework Section.  

Photos sent in by Buzzards!

Friday 17th April


New home learning is added in the Homework section ready for Monday.  Any questions, please do email me.  Take care.  Mrs Palmer smiley

The ipad definitely made the bread the most mouldy! We need to clean our ipads more often!

Some extra home learning!

2nd April.  

Thank you to those who have sent pictures to me.  Have a look below to see what your friends have been doing this week!  If you need to be more challenged in maths, have a look in the homework section at Maths Puzzles and Challenges. 

30th March Fantastic work and creativity this week. Please keep sending me pictures of any learning - including cooking, outdoor, art etc. I would love to see what you are all doing!

UPDATE! The bread which is already going mouldy is the one we wiped on the IPAD! Check back next Monday to see what has happened between now and then!

Thank you for emailing me your home learning. Keep it up everyone! Well done Chloe, Rupert and Florence. Look back tomorrow to see what has happened to the bread!

We have been getting out in the fresh air and running the Golden Mile

Year 2 have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. They can identify their names, number of sides, number of vertices and if they have vertical symmetry or not!

Our Science Topic includes keeping ourselves healthy. Nurses have been to school to show us how to wash our hands and we have carried out an investigation to observe the impact of bacteria.

We love reading and we have enjoyed DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read)

Year 2 have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. They made them using straws.

We started our new Science topic - Amazing Bodies. We started by drawing a body and labelling it.

We began our new topic 'Nurturing Nurses'. We found out about the life of Edith Cavell and role played her looking after the soldiers and hiding them to keep them safe. We agreed that she was very brave.

We have been creating polar bear collages and drawing some of our own

We have been learning to play cricket with All Stars!

We thought about signs of Autumn.

In Science, we looked at lots of different materials and thought about their properties.

14 - 18 October Author Grant Koper came to school to read his book 'The Day Granny's Knickers Blew Away!"

14 - 18 October During Music, Year 1 listened and discussed 'No Place Like Home' by Kerry Andrew

Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Monday 1st July Yoga Day 2019

Wednesday 24th June Outdoor Day

Friday 21st June What a fantastic afternoon of sports!

Monday 24th June We have been learning about capacity today. It was great fun using the water outside.

Tuesday 18th June Today we have been designing hanging baskets to sell. We used the plants that Mr Smy donated.

Wednesday 12th June We are getting ready for Enterprise Week. We went to Sainsbury's to spend the voucher they donated and also to Barn View Nursery in Henlade to collect donations.

Mrs Bradshaw sent us some more pictures from our trip to Bristol last month.

Monday 10th June Buzzards enjoying Nature Club with Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Smith.

Friday 7th June Gymnastics with Mrs Griffiths and Miss Storey

Thursday 6th June We invited Grace Darling into the classroom so that we could interview her.

Wednesday 22nd May Country Dancing

Well done Imogen for bravely taking part in our music celebration.

Monday 20th May We have been collecting plants to go on our stall for 'Enterprise Week'. We are going to re-pot the little ones and create some hanging baskets to sell for a profit.

Friday 10th May Key Stage One trip to the Bristol aquarium.

Thursday 25th April Craft activities

Thursday 25th April We have been looking at position and direction during maths. We were asked to blind fold a partner and give them directions to find a banana that was hidden in the classroom.

Tuesday 23rd April Having our recorder lesson.

Tuesday 2nd April. Easter Service. We talked about why the church is a special place. We then designed our own stained glass window to display in our local village church.

Wednesday 27th March Learning how to play cricket with Somerset County Cricket Club on a beautiful sunny day.

Monday 26th March We have been investigating length and height.

School sports competition 22nd March 2019