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We are...Data Handlers

We are...Data Handlers

We have been sorting & grouping 2D shapes by colour and number of sides.















We were so good at this activity with our partners, that we tried using the computer to sort the shapes by ourselves.  Here is how we got on!






We have also learnt that data can be represented in picture format, called a pictogram.  We have collected data, regarding how we travel to school and created a pictogram to show the results.  We discovered that the most popular mode of transport was car and least popular was bus.



We gathered data about our year group's favourite fruit and discovered that apple was the most popular & pear the least popular. 



We wanted to find out our favourite colour - there were 3 favourites: blue, pink & red and no-one liked purple!



We investigated the most popular pet in Woodpecker's class.  We discovered that dogs were most popular and rats least popular.