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We are...Artists

We are...Digital Artists


We have been looking at different styles of painting and recreating those styles using a computer, so we are digital artists!


Impressionism (inspired by Monet & Degas)

The art of capturing the impression that the light made at a certain moment, focussing on light, shade & colour rather than the details of the items being painted. 


Pointillism (inspired by Seurat & Signac)

The art of using small dots of different colours to build up a picture; tricking the eye into blurring the dots and the brain into mixing the colours to form an image.


Abstract Art (inspired by Mondrian)

The art of using colours & shapes to show emotions rather than painting a recognisable picture.


Patterns (inspired by William Morris)

The art of drawing a simple picture and then using it to create a repeating pattern.

Surrealism (inspired by Magritte & Dali)

The art of experimenting with your imagination, exploring dreams and putting together objects that are not normally seen together.