Parents must wear a face covering when on the school site ... Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Windows must be open in classrooms, an extra layer of clothing may be needed.
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Curriculum Overview

Summer Term 1st Half. River Deep, Mountain High Topic. Curriculum Letter and Knowledge Organiser.

Spring Term 2nd Half. A Kingdom United. Homework Grid and Knowledge Organiser.

Spring Term 2021. 2nd Half. Curriculum Letter. A Kingdom United.

Spring Term 2021. 'Rotten Romans'. Curriculum letter, knowledge organiser and homework grid.

Autumn Term 2020. Homework Grid for 'Hard Rock to Heavy Metal'.

Summer Term 2020 Curriculum Letter. Green Revolution, Stop the Pollution!

Spring 2020 Saxons and Scots Knowledge Organiser.

Spring 2020 Saxons and Scots Homework Grid.

Spring 2020 Curriculum Letter. Saxons and Scots.

Autumn 2nd Half Homework Grid.

Autumn 2019 2nd Half Curriculum Letter.

September 2019 Knowledge organiser Year 3 & 4 Living things and habitats.