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Digital Leaders

Meet our Digital Leaders 2021/2022



My name is Eleanor and I'm Year 6.  I became a Digital Leader because I would like to learn more about computers and to help other people.  At home, I have a computer that I use for coding as I hope to become a Programmer when I’m older. At school, I hope to improve pupils’ and adults’ knowledge of online safety.



I’m Harry and I'm Year 6.  I think technology and computer games are really cool and I’d like to learn more about them.  At home, I normally use a computer & PS4, sometimes a mobile phone. My favourite app is Fortnite because I really like action games and films.   I am looking forward to being able to help other pupils and teachers, as well as taking part in technological projects.





Hi!  I’m Thomas & I'm Year 5.  I chose to become a Digital Leader because I want to raise the profile of technology within our school.  I use computers and iPads – my favourite game is Temple Run 2.  I am looking forward to sharing my computer coding knowledge in Computer Club because I like helping people, I’m patient and I like fixing things.





My name is Finlay and I'm Year 5.  I like exploring the world of computers and am familiar with Chromebooks and iPads.  My favourite software is Scratch because I love programming games.  I am looking forward to teaching and helping the younger pupils at Computer Club, as well as some of the big digital projects coming up.

Safer Internet Day Assembly


We led an assembly for KS2 pupils to discuss this year's topic: 


All fun and games?  Exploring respect & relationships online