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Digital Leaders

Meet our Digital Leaders 2019/2020



I love to work with i-pads and computers.

I would love to help people if they don’t know how to use i-pads and computers.

Ever since I came to this school I have wanted to be a digital leader.

I love doing coding games at my house.

My favourite coding game is Scratch!





I love working with iPads and computers.  The favourite thing I’ve done is using a Microbit.

The reason why I am a digital leader is because I want to help anyone who is struggling.  I’m happy to help anyone who needs any help with: Programming or being safe online.

If you need help with anything come and ask me or any of the other Digital Leaders.




I am happy to help anyone who needs help with any technology, such as: i-pads and computers.  I’m also happy to help anyone who has any problems with coding.  I love working on any electronic devices and am very good at working on Scratch, so if you are stuck on something just ask!  If anything strange comes up on one of the computers, just click on the dolphin (Hector) in the top corner.


Software Review 2020


LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)


What we liked

It had different sounds & effects to experiment with.  There were so many instruments to use to make music & harmonies, as well as samples to listen to & remix.  We could create our own melody, beat and baseline.


What we didn't like

We thought it was going to be tricky to use but it was quite easy to create music.


How we could use this software in future Computing lessons?

If we had more time we could experiment further and create particular genres or themes of music like: suspense, creepy, energetic, sad, etc.  We could also create different sounds and import vocal effects.


Software Review 2018


Pivot Animator (2D stick-man animation software)


What we liked

It is fun & easy to use.  It is really cool how we can move every joint in the body and make it move in any direction.  We can change the man into other characters or objects, i.e. a horse or clock.  It is good for making stories and short films.  I like how we can have more than one stick-man in the animation.


What we didn't like

There aren't enough choices of characters.


How we could use this software in future Computing lessons?

We could create different characters.

We could have more than one character and create a short animation or film.

We could make the man look like he is being very athletic, doing lots of different sports or doing 'parkour'.