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Online Safety

At Kingston St Mary, we are committed to keeping children safe online, not only when using the internet in school but, by giving them the right knowledge, when they are at home. With this aim, pupils are taught about online safety as part of the Computing Curriculum and PSHE. We also take part in Safer Internet Day with relevant activities and an assembly.


In addition to teaching the pupils how to be safe online, it is important that we work work with parents and keep them informed of relevant information and where to go for support if they require it. 


This page aims to give guidance to parents looking for information on how to support their child with their online safety and wellbeing. 


CEOP Education from the National Crime Agency

A new website has been created, directed at Parents & Carers of children aged 4-7 years old, to help support you to equip your child with the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay safer online.




Another comprehensive website offering help and advice for families in a digital world.

Childline's Calm Zone




Many children and adults have times when they find it tricky to stay calm.  Childline have launched a new area of their website to help.  Their Calm Zone includes: Activities; Breathing Exercises; Expressing Yourself; Yoga Videos; Games; Way to cope videos; and is free to use.


E-safety Accreditation


At Kingston St Mary C of E Primary School, we are committed to embedding online safety throughout the school. This was acknowledged when we received the e-safety accreditation in July 2015. This also recognises the empowerment of learners to share responsibility and keep themselves and others safe.



Safer Internet Day 2024

Our KS2 Digital Leaders led an assembly for the whole school for Safer Internet Day to promote this year's campaign: Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online.

They talked about how some changes online can make us feel negative/bad emotions and they discussed what should be done if something upsets or scares us.


Then, the pupils watched a short film about Mo and Jaz, whose video changed to something scary, so they stopped watching it and told their Dad.


The pupils' final thought was about all the trusted adults they could talk to if they needed to, at school and at home.


This year’s theme is all about change and influence online and UK Safer Internet Centre has created a range of pages (via the links below) to help you talk about these issues and ideas with your child, no matter how much time you have and in an age-appropriate way.


Safer Internet Day 2023

Our KS2 Digital Leaders led an assembly for the whole school for Safer Internet Day.  They talked about what Safer Internet Day means, why it is celebrated across the UK and read the story "Hanni and the Magic Window" to promote this year's campaign: 'Want to talk about it? - Making space for conversations about life online.'


Safer Internet Day 2022

The theme this year was 'All fun & games? Exploring respect and relationships online.'  Our Digital Leaders lead an assembly for KS2 to discuss how we can improve our online presence and what to do when others are not respectful.


For information on how parents & carers can get involved in discussing this with their children, please see the documents below (from the UK Safer Internet Centre).


Safer Internet Day 2021

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2021 was 'An internet we trust, exploring reliability in the online world'.

A guide to support parents in recognising the reliability of the information that you encounter online and being able to advise your children, enabling them to grow into a responsible digital citizen who is able to keep themselves safe while, at the same time, getting the very best from the digital world.

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