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Spring Term 2023


Evolution & Inheritance


Woodpeckers' Science Experiment - 20th January 2023


This afternoon, Woodies planned and carried out a Science experiment: Battle of the Beaks.


This is based on Charles Darwin's theories on evolution of the Galapagos finches, including how their beaks have adapted over time.


We used various foods (for nuts, small mammals, bugs, etc) and tools for beaks (including spoons, pegs and knitting needles) to investigate which worked best.


Afterwards, as the children had worked up such an appetite, they enjoyed eating the food themselves! 


Autumn Term 2022

Human Body Circulatory System


Woodies acted out the movement of oxygenated & deoxygenated blood around the circulatory system (using red and blue PE balls).  They were then challenged to fill a 5-litre bucket of water in one minute using 50ml cups - the same amount that the heart pumps blood around the body!