Parents must wear a face covering when on the school site ... Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Windows must be open in classrooms, an extra layer of clothing may be needed.
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We are...Bloggers

We are...Bloggers

We have been creating and maintaining blogs in Purple Mash (a controlled and safe environment).



Our first blog was to introduce ourselves.  Once the blogs had been approved, we were able to comment on each others blog posts in a kind & positive manner - we know that unkind & inappropriate comments can upset others and is a form of cyberbullying.




Our next task was to create blogs about our time at Kingston St Mary Primary School.  We had to think long and hard about all the things we had done since our time in Reception.


Finally, we were able to create our own blog page (& posts) about something we were interested in.  Here are a couple of examples:


Piano & Music by Grace


My Sport Diary by Harry