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Church Distinctiveness

Spring 2021. Values power point for parents.

April 2021. Parent/carer information leaflet 'Service'.

Tuesday 20th April 2021         Our Christian Value


The first half of the Summer Term our school will focus on ‘Service’.


Words relating to ‘servant’ and ‘service’ are central in Christian theology.  Some of the most important prophecies in Isaiah speak of the coming of the ‘Servant of the Lord’ and his role as a ‘suffering servant.’  That is why Jesus said that he ‘came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’


Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.  This turned upside down the normal relationship between master and disciple, leader and follower.  In many ways, this astonishing action symbolizes the essence of the Incarnation: God stooping to share the human condition.  Jesus is very clear about the meaning of his action: ‘Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.  I have set you an example that you should do as I have done.’ 


The parable of the Good Samaritan shows we should serve those in need whoever they are.  Such service is not offered to gain some advantage for ourselves.  ‘Going the extra mile’ involves sacrifice, putting ourselves out for someone else’s benefit.


Serving God means serving others.  It also means that we cannot serve other masters as well - such as money.  However, the Christian message is equally clear that service is not all about restrictions.  It is precisely in a life of service that we become most truly free.


How can we demonstrate our value of Service?


Galatians 5:13-14    You, my brothers, were called to be free.  But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.  The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbour as yourself”.


  • Think of others before yourself.
  • Let someone go in the line before you.
  • Hold doors open and let people go first.
  • Pass the glue to someone before you use it.
  • Let someone play with a toy you wanted.



Luke 10:33-34   But a Samaritan, as he travelled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him.  He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine.  Then he put the man on his own donkey, took him to an inn and took care of him.

  • Help people even if they are not your friend.
  • Put rubbish in the bin rather than on the floor-put the world first.
  • Recycle as much as you can- put the world first.
  • Donate some of your pocket money to charity.

Our Christian Value for next half term is 'Service'

Easter Half Term - Please go and visit our beautiful local church. Robins have a wonderful display in the entrance. The church yard is also full of daffodils and blossom filled trees.

Thursday 1st April. Children enjoying hot cross buns and Easter biscuits in our schools reflective garden.

Well done to Jesse who won our Easter raffle! Children in Robins were given a raffle ticket for demonstrating a Christian Value. Jesse won a Maltesers egg and a years family membership to Fern Animal Sanctuary.

Thursday 25th March. Today Robins' class have been thinking about God as part of our English work. God is......

Thursday 25th March. Our new 'Voice of Values Council' hoodies have arrived. They even say our motto on the back, "In all that we do our values shine through".

Wednesday 24th March Designing and decorating our Easter Tree which can be found in our Reflective area.

Easter Animation

In this animated video, our talented illustrators have brought The Last Supper to life. Lovingly drawn and clearly narrated, I think this short film would be perfect for you to share at home with your family. Pause the film at intervals and encourage the children to discuss what they’re watching in real-time.



Easter at Kingston St Mary

Easter is going to be very different this year at Kingston St Mary School for a second year running. We are looking forward to reflecting with the children within our bubbles about the importance of the Easter story. The Diocese of Bath and Wells have a collective Worship YouTube Play List; there is a series telling each part of the Easter Story:
The image is a cross on coloured mosaic labelled Collective Worship: 

Story 1:  (Introduction Easter the most important story) 

Story 2: (Palm Sunday) 

Story 3: (Jesus in the temple) 

Story 4: (Last Supper)

Over the Easter holidays, it would benefit the children to look over our ‘Church Distinctiveness’ page on our website. During the summer term, I am hoping to start our ‘Voice of Values’ Council which will replace our ‘School Council’. Pupils will be able to access key information about taking part on the website.

Voice of Values Motto

"In all that we do our values shine through!"

Mrs Griffiths



What is 'Forgiveness'?


Chloe - Yesterday I forgave someone for being mean.

Theo - This week I forgave someone for saying I wasn't their friend.

Jesse - Once, when I was going to football, the ball hit me in the face, I forgave them.

Thomas - When someone hurt me I forgave them.

Kingston - A long time ago someone hit me with a hockey stick and I forgave them.

Rhys - Our team had to forgive because someone kicked our ball over the hedge.

Forgiveness is our Christian Value for this half term. We collaged the letters from the word 'Forgiveness' and displayed them at the front of our school for our community to reflect upon.

Friday 19th March. School displays linked to our school values.

Friday 19th March 2021. Red Nose Day fundraising event.

March 2021. Bible Stories linked to our Christian Value 'Forgiveness'.

February 2021. Our Christian Value for this half term is 'Forgiveness'. Please have a look at the leaflet below and share with your family. Mrs Griffiths.



Forgiveness is fundamental to the character of God. Throughout the Bible, God is described as slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin (Numbers 14:18).

Jesus was uncompromising in his command to forgive. Forgive, he said, ‘seventy times seven’ (Matthew 18:21). In other words, forgive and keep on forgiving without limit.


Forgiveness was at the heart of everything he did and is at the heart of the Lord’s Prayer. When Jesus declared a person’s sins to be forgiven, it often aroused the anger of those who were less willing to forgive than he was and yet a prayer for the forgiveness of his persecutors was on Jesus’ lips as he died. Christian preaching has always put forgiveness at the centre.


We forgive because we are forgiven. Paul says: ‘Be compassionate and kind to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.’ (Ephesians 4:32)


The parable of the Unjust Steward tells of a servant who was forgiven his large debt only to be condemned because he refused to forgive a small debt owed to him.


Forgiveness cannot be given or received unless it is asked for, and the asking must be genuine and from the heart. Too often ‘sorry’ is said very easily, implying: ‘All I need to do is say I’m sorry and everything will be OK’. Real repentance demands that we take what we have done wrong with the utmost seriousness and have a deep desire not to do it again.


The whole sacrificial system in the Law of Moses was based on the principle that forgiveness requires sacrifice. Animal sacrifices are no longer offered, but the truth remains that forgiveness is costly to all involved. Once we understand that, forgiveness can be truly liberating both for the person who is forgiven and for the person who forgives.

Voice of Values Council

2020 - 2021


The Voice of Values Council has a very important job in our Church of England School. Their responsibilities include;

  • Being ambassadors and actively promoting our Christian Values throughout our school community.
  • Planning, leading and evaluating collective worship.
  • Organising and running fundraising events for our chosen charities and helping our local church community with their events.
  • Working with the wider school community to promote 'Home School Values'.


Voice of Values Motto

" In all that we do our values shine through!"

Monday 25th January 2021. Has your child shown a Christian value at home? Download a values feather. Add your child’s name and the value demonstrated around the feather below. When complete, please hand it in or post it to the office who will pass it on to Mrs Griffiths. We will share this with your child’s classmates.

We are a Church School.

How do you know?

On, Friday 22nd January 2021, our Key worker children gathered to reflect on our school Christian Values. I also asked the children, “How do you know we’re a Church School?" The responses from the children were astounding and heartening to the efforts of all involved with our school. Well done everybody!

Mrs Griffiths

Freya Y6

“We have Christian Values”

“It says it in the name of our school”

“We learn about all religions in RE”

We are loving and caring”

Kingston Y4

“We visit the Church”

“It says it on our jumpers”

“We visit the Church for festivals and services”

“We talk about the values in the bible”

Ruby Y4

“People from the church come here and talk to us”

“We hear bible stories and we talk about them”

Isla Y6

“We have assemblies and we pray”

“We pray for others”

“Posters around our school remind us of Jesus”

“We are thankful for Jesus”

Oakley Y5

“We talk about the compassion of God the Father and the strength of his son”

Wilson Y3

“We live near the church”

“We have bible stories”

“We have lots of bibles in our school”


Home School Values


Home School Values is a resource which allows us to share stories and a range of fun activities for the all family, linked to our Christian Values. By exploring each of our Christian Values at home, you are promoting your Child's Spiritual and Moral Development whilst learning and sharing time together. Please take some time during this lockdown to look at the activity sheets for each value we are learning about.  

Please see the link to this website below. 


Many thanks for your ongoing support during this difficult time. Mrs Griffiths

Kingston’s Christian Core Values




At Kingston St Mary School, we have defined the Core Values that underpin our thoughts and actions. Not only when we are at school but also throughout our day-to-day lives. These values have been clear to see over the last few weeks since going back into another lockdown. We have felt extremely proud of all our school community. I have spent today mulling over how children at our wonderful school demonstrate their understanding of our Christian values. Mrs Griffiths.

Wisdom at Kingston St Mary – we make good choices. We wait for negative emotions like anger, fear or resentment to pass before taking action, wherever we are. We consider the thoughts of others as well as our own. We approach each day with an open mind and a readiness to learn.

Justice at Kingston St Mary – we treat others, as we would like to be treated. We are truthful and honest in all we do. We show self-discipline in the face of our desires and are concerned with the well-being of others.

Courage at Kingston St Mary – we are brave when faced with a challenge and persevere when things are tough. We are not reckless but willing to take necessary risks when fear, embarrassment or the opinion of others might otherwise discourage us from doing what is right and proper.

Compassion at Kingston St Mary – we help those who need help, not just our friends. We are forgiving of others who have made poor choices and show care and concern for all. We put others before ourselves and show kindness in all we do.

Belief at Kingston St Mary – we believe in everyone. We know that hard work and good intentions make a difference. We look to the future with positivity and high expectations and work hard to achieve our dreams and ambitions.

Respect at Kingston St Mary – we are kind and polite to everyone. We are tolerant of people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds and honour the achievements and qualities of others.

Responsibility at Kingston St Mary – we keep our word. We take care of our work, always conduct ourselves responsibly and follow the rules, both in out and of school. We accept our failures and mistakes without excuses and with a willingness to improve and persevere.

Examples of how we will share our Core Values at Kingston St Mary School 

Our actions. These values apply to everyone and we lead by example.

Language. These words permeate everyday school life. 

Planning and Marking. Where possible, we reference our values in lessons and when marking books. 

Displays. Classrooms have a dedicated display to the Core Values. Mrs Griffiths has also developed a permanent display in the hall. 

Facebook. We highlight our children’s achievements on Facebook and always try to link their learning or actions to our Core Values.


Assemblies. Assemblies are specifically linked to a Core Value to help the children clearly understand their true meaning and why they are so important. 

Core Value Certificates. These are awarded in Celebration Assemblies and are linked to a Core Value and explained as such when being awarded. 

Communication. Letters to parents, the school website and Newsletters raise awareness and promote our Core Values. 

Our values are clear, simple to understand and will support our children in their development both inside and outside the classroom. Kingston St Mary prides itself not only in providing an excellent education for its pupils, but also in developing young people into well-rounded individuals who make positive contributions to the society in which they live.

Mrs Griffiths


Spring Term 2021. Our 'Value for Life' for this half term is Wisdom. Please have a look at our newsletter and watch the power point presentation with your family. Mrs Griffiths.

Wednesday 16th December 2020. Christmas Nativity Day.

Thursday 3rd December 2020. Below is a poster for our local churches ‘Christmas in a Bag’ activities as they are unable to hold Christingles and Crib services in the church. They are able to deliver the bags to the school.

Friday 27th November. This Sunday is 'Advent Sunday. It is always on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Today we designed and made advent rings out of recycled materials.

Friday 13th November. Celebrating with other faiths. Diwali lanterns.

Thursday 12th November 2020. Virtual assembly with Miss Greenslade.

Thursday 12th November 2020. Changing lives near Kingston St Mary. From coast to coast, in towns and cities right across the UK, BBC Children in Need is out there making a difference. The amazing projects they support help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people all over the country. This year our school are fundraising by getting the children to come to school dressed in their favourite PE kit. All the children gave a £1 donation.

Wednesday 11th November. Today we watched the service from Westminster Cathedral. We are going to take our poppies home to share in the community.

Friday 6th November 2020. This year we decided to honour Remembrance Sunday by placing our clay poppies under a tree near the front of our school so that the local community can share in our remembrance.

Monday 2nd November 2020. Our 'Value for Life' for this half term is Perseverance. Please have a look at our newsletter and watch the power point presentation with your family. Mrs Griffiths.



Emphasis upon endurance and perseverance is common in the New Testament where it is linked with patience and suffering. St Paul is certain that endurance is honed by suffering, is character building and is characterised by love (Romans 5:3-4; I Corinthians 4:12 – 13). It is linked with self-control, godliness (2 Peter 1:6) and steadfastness.

At its root, endurance and perseverance is recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful, and that it is important not to give up in the face of adversity.


Jesus endured rejection, abuse and the cross, and his followers are warned that they may well have to share that pain as persecution took hold. Discipleship is depicted as ‘taking up the cross daily’ and following in Jesus’ footsteps (Luke 9:23).


Endurance and perseverance are only possible where there is hope and that hope is based on the enduring nature of God’s love and faithfulness. Even Jesus, for all his strength and ability to endure, looked to his disciples to help and sustain him by watching and praying with him (Matthew 26).

Monday 2nd November

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 'Open Door' collection. Mr Griffiths was able to deliver the wide selection of groceries during half term. It was wonderful to see such a wide range of toiletries included. The staff were extremely grateful and Mr Griffiths commented on the delicious smells coming from the kitchens. Hopefully, we will be able to have another collection before Christmas.

October 2020. Christian Distinctiveness Action Plan 2020-2021

Thursday 15th October 2020


As part of our Harvest Festival celebrations this year we will be collecting for the charity 'Open Door'. 

Open Door is a day centre for Taunton’s homeless community. In the first instance they provide a warm welcome, a smile and a cuppa.

After that they work to ensure people have their basic needs met. They have showers, a clothing store and provide a laundry facility. They also serve breakfast and lunch with unlimited refills of tea, coffee and juice. This all works to increase people’s self-esteem and gives them a positive sense of belonging to our community.

They then offer tailored support plans for individuals which target key goals such as developing life skills, sustaining accommodation and accessing employment. All of this is underpinned by a staff team of three and a huge team of over 45 volunteers. Without their volunteers, and support from donors, they would not be able to make such a difference in people’s lives.

On Friday 23rd October, Mrs Griffiths will be collecting at the front of school any donations you would like to make this year. Donations might include coffee, tea, sugar, cereals, juice, tinned meat or vegetables, cooking sauces, toiletries, washing powder etc..

Many thanks

Jo Griffiths

9th September 2020. Today we wrote some prayers on butterflies. We are going to leave them in the church to give people comfort who's lives have been affected by Covid-19.

Autumn Term 2020. At Kingston St Mary school we have a strong, distinctive Christian ethos and encourage children to develop values of Trust, Humility, Truthfulness, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Responsibility, Respect, Peace, Compassion, Courage, Justice and Thankfulness. We ensure that children learn these values through the teachings and stories that Jesus told. Children have opportunities to think about and apply Christian values through religious education lessons, collective worship and as an integral part of our curriculum. This half term (Autumn 2020) our value is - Respect.



The Bible has so much to offer in this area of positive personal, relational and community values, and its timeless wisdom can help all us as a Christian school pass on to the next generation the qualities of life that are most valuable and which, as Christians, we believe are not only God-given but also can be God-energised in our lives.


Respect has different meanings but all play a part in how Christians value themselves and the lives of others. Respecting those that love and care for us, our parents, carers and those in the local community, is common in all traditions. We should appreciate what's done for us, finding cooperation not conflict and take responsibility. Romans13 states that we should 'Pay others the honour and respect you owe them'.


Respect for others - everyone is special; everyone's opinion matters; everyone's contribution is important; everyone's feelings should be considered; everyone's faith is sacred


Respect can mean simply treating each other with politeness and courtesy, and recognising that everyone’s contribution is important and that everyone’s feelings should be considered. At Kingston, we regularly discuss how respecting someone does not mean that we always agree with the other person but that we are prepared to listen and share our views without rudeness or impatience.


Christians recognise that respect needs to start with respect for ourselves and our own unique contribution to our homes, schools or communities. Having self-respect means being able to celebrate our gifts and talents, looking after ourselves and the bodies that God has given us. Having self-respect also means nurturing our talents so that we the best we can be, honouring how God has made us and being confident about who we are.

2020-2021 Collective Worship at Kingston St Mary C of E School.

Thursday 26th March 2020. A poem written for our school community.

Monday 10th February 2020. Designing a new 'Reflective Garden' for our school.

Monday 10th February 2020. Collective Worship Policy and Christian Values Assembly Plan.

Prayer Tree

Church Distinctiveness Group Meeting Agenda 28.01.20

Friday 20th December Carol Concert and Nativity performance in our local church.

Monday 11th November 2019 Our Year 6 children took our Remembrance Assembly today.

Celebration Assembly 18.10.19

Autumn Term 2019. Collective Worship organised by the children.

Self Evaluation 2019-2020 This is a working document and will be updated on a regular basis. Mrs Griffiths

Our Reflective Garden

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Chinese New Year

Collective Worship Displays

Church Distinctiveness Meeting 21st May 2019

All Saints


Bibles donated and blessed

Buzzard and Owl Community Walk

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Churches Birthday

Fundraising for people in Need