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We are...Health & Safety Systems Developers

We are...Health & Safety Systems Developers


We have been exploring why it is important to exercise and how technology can help prompt us to be more active.


First, we discussed the importance of regular exercise to help prevent heart disease and thought about the range of fitness trackers available on the market which can support people to exercise and track their activities.


We decided to design, code and test a prototype of a wearable device, using the BBC micro:bit, to regularly remind the user to exercise.

Fitness Friend

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We wanted to take our coding skills to the next level by thinking about an algorithm for a step counter.  We saw a simple pedomoter in action and used our decompositioning skills to build the code, step-by-step.

Step Counter

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We tested our micro:bit step counters in the playground to see if they worked & how accurate they were.






Our step counters worked really well but didn't tally with the number of steps we had actually taken.  We discovered that the micro:bit step counter was only counting the footsteps of the foot it was attached to, so we debugged our algorithm and then our step counters were more accurate.  We had great fun creating and testing these devices.