Next Open Morning - 10th November. Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Parents must wear a face covering if they need to visit the school reception desk. Open Days: Wednesday 20th October and Thursday 9th December.
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Opening Times

Our school day starts at 8.40. The playground gate is opened at 8.30, an adult will be on duty from 8.30 therefore children can be left by parents at this time.

We have a staggered finish time to allow parents with children in both Key Stages to be at the different collection points.


We have an after school care club, Kingfishers, this is runs until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 4.30 on Friday.

During the week there will be various extra-curricular clubs on offer, these usually run until 4.30.


Our daily timetable is as follows:


8.30 Playground gate is opened, a member of staff will be on duty
8.40 School starts (an electric bell rings to indicate the start of the day)
10.30 Morning Break
12.00  Key Stage 1 Lunchtime starts
12.15 Key Stage 2 Lunchtime starts
1.15 End of Lunch
1.15 - 1.45 Registration and Collective Worship
3.10  Key Stage 1 finish (collect from the Owls & Buzzard Classrooms)
3.15 Key Stage 2 finish (collect from the main playground)