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We are...Technology Explorers

We are...Technology Explorers


We have been exploring 'Purple Mash' (a secure, creative & educational online space for schools).


  • We are learning to log on and log off safely.


  • We know we must keep our passwords secret & safe.


  • We have created a picture of ourselves, called an 'avatar'.



  • We have painted some pictures, added our name and saved them as a file in our personal work space.



  • We have learned the meaning of these icons:




  • We talked about technology - what it means and where it is used.


Technology is...

  • things that help us do our jobs;
  • something that has been invented;
  • machines that do things for us.


  • We painted some pictures relating to technology.



  • We looked at technology in school, at home and beyond.




Technology outside school & home: