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We are...Painters

We are...Painters

We have been looking at different styles of painting and recreating those styles using a computer, so we are digital painters!


Impressionism (inspired by Monet & Degas)

The art of capturing the impression that the light made at a certain moment, focussing on light, shade & colour rather than the details of the items being painted. 


Pointillism (inspired by Seurat & Signac)

The art of using small dots of different colours to build up a picture; tricking the eye into blurring the dots and the brain into mixing the colours to form an image.


Abstract (inspired by Mondrian)

The art of using colours and shapes to express an artist's emotions.


Patterns (inspired by William Morris)

William Morris is renowned for his textiles & wallpapers, featuring repeating patterns of plants, birds & flowers.


Surrealism (inspired by Magritte & Dali)

The art of experimenting with your imagination, exploring dreams and putting together objects that are not normally seen together.