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We are...Hardware Investigators *Updated Jun 2022*

We are...Hardware Investigators

We have been investigating the inside of a desktop computer.


We learned the difference between hardware & software, before our computing tutor took apart an old tower computer and showed us all the different components that are inside.  We learned about each component, what it does and how it interacts with other components to make the computer work.


















































We learned about the functions of the motherboard, the CPU, the hard disk drive, a floppy disk drive & floppy disk, the memory components, the sound card, the graphics card, the network card, the cooling fans and peripherals, such as speakers, keyboard, mouse, headphones & microphone.


Then we created a leaflet informing others about the functions of a computer and its components.



Have a look at one of our information leaflets by clicking this link (please note - this link will take you away from our school website):


Year 4 Hardware Information Leaflet