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We are...Games Testers

We are...Games Testers

We have been exploring how simple computer games work, making predictions about what will happen and providing feedback to help improve these games.


Here are the games the Yr5s created for us to play, along with some of our comments:


Ocean Maze by Hayley & Fern


"We would like more fish to collect" - Kingston & Jacob.

"It's nice & colourful" - Ella, Gracie & Indie.

"I wish it was trickier" - Anya & Poppy.

"We think it needs more levels" - Thomas & Steffan

"The background looked just like the ocean" - Ruby, Tilly & Zara.


Ladybird Maze by Anna, Jamie & Faye


"We like the maze" - Ella, indie & Grace.

"Please slow the timer down, it was too fast" - Ruby, Tilly & Zara.

"We like that you have something to collect" - Jesse & Imogen.

"We wish it was more challenging" - Josie & Isabelle.



Apple Catch by Isabella & Daphne


"I like it because you can lose points" - Anya & Poppy.

"The apples fell too quickly" - Ruby, Tilly & Zara.

"We liked the little gold apple" - Isabelle & Josie.

"Show the high score" - Thomas & Steffan.

"We wish it was slower" - Gracie, Ella & Indie.



Witch Hunt by Rosie & Paige


"We like that you need to get rid of the witches" - Jesse & Charlie.

"We hoped it was a longer game" - Josie & Isabelle.

"Make the time slower" - Kingston & Jacob.

"We like that you can't lose" - Anya & Poppy.


Shoot the Dragon by Kobe & London

"We like how it changed from fast to slow" - Josie & Isabelle.

"It was fun" - Freddie & Ruben.

"We liked the minus points" - Jacob & Kingston.

"We wish it stayed in one corner" - Indie, Ella & Gracie.

"We liked it because it was hard" - Poppy & Anya.

"We liked how fast the dragon goes & how many points you get" - Imogen & Jesse.



Boat Race by Belle & Skye


"We liked that you had to get to the island" - Jesse & Charlie.

"We like how the boat goes fast" - Isabelle & Josie.

"We love the second level" - Poppy & Anya.

"It was exciting" - Ruby, Tilly & Zara.




Hit the Button Game by Emily and Amy


"We liked the spotty background and we think you should show the high score" - Thomas & Steffan.

"Good background and pictures" - Freddie & Ruben.

"We wish it was faster" - Jacob & Kingston.

"We wish it was slower" - Ella, Indie & Gracie.

"It was too tricky. You shouldn't have too many things to make you lose points" - Poppy & Anya.


City Busting Game by Oliver & Dan


"It's quite quick" - Freddie & Ruben.

"We wish it was more slower" - Jacob & Kingston.

"We should have more time" - Anya & Poppy

"We love the dove" - Josie & Isabelle.

"We like the game over at the end" - Thomas & Steffan.