Parents must wear a face covering when on the school site ... Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Windows must be open in classrooms, an extra layer of clothing may be needed.
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We are...Data Handlers

We are...Data Handlers

We have been sorting and grouping 2D shapes according to various criteria:


  • Shapes with four sides & more than four sides;



  • Shapes with less than four sides & more than four sides;



  • Shapes with less than four sides & four sides or more;



  • Shapes that are red, three-sided and both.


We have also learnt that data can be represented in picture format, called a pictogram.  We have collected data, regarding how we travel to school & created a pictogram to show the results.


Putting our new pictogram knowledge in to practice, we collected data concerning our class' favourite fruit and pets, then we worked with a partner to create pictograms to show the results.