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We are...Data Analysts

We are...Data Analysts

We have been using YES/NO questions to separate information.


First, we played a 'Guess Who?' game with our partners to try to guess which person they had chosen.  We used lots of different questions but our challenge was to find the 'perfect' question each time to eliminate half the people on each turn.

Next, we created a chart or 'binary tree' to show which questions led to each person.

Then, we used a branching database to find the names of each person. We could only answer Yes/No questions.



Is it a boy? NO

Is she wearing a headscarf? NO

Is she wearing socks? NO

Is she wearing a sweater? YES









Is it a boy? YES

Does he have ginger hair? YES

Is he wearing shorts? YES



Finally, we searched a database to answer more complex questions.