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Summer Term 2019

Yr6 Crealy Day Out - July 2019

As the academic year draws to a close, the Yr6s enjoy one last exciting adventure as Primary school pupils before embarking on their journey to Secondary school – a day out at Crealy!


KS2 Production – Sherlock & Cinders – July 2019

The brilliant Sherlock Holmes and bumbling Doctor Watson get to work on a missing person’s case, with an unknown missing person!  They disguise themselves to try to find the beautiful, mysterious lady who fled the prince’s ballroom.  With glass slippers, a piece of pumpkin, a spiteful stepmother and two ugly sisters, will Holmes & Watson ever be able to reunite the Prince with his anonymous true love?


After months of preparation, we performed our KS2 Production, ‘Sherlock & Cinders’ to the school, family & friends, supported by the Robin’s choir.


Woodpeckers' STEM Challenge - July 2019

We were delighted to welcome Katrina Board & Dr. Katherine Higgie from the UK Hydrographic Office to lead our STEM Challenge, this year: The Practical Action Floating Garden Challenge.


Practical Action is a charity, who works with poor people all over the world, using technology to help them lift themselves out of poverty.  The people in Bangladesh experience some of the worst effects of climate change – land is regularly flooded causing many families to lose their crops & vegetables and this flooding is lasting longer each year.


Our objective was to design and build a model of a structure that people can grow crops on, even when it floods (and maybe even keep their chickens safe).  We then had to present our ideas & models to the rest of the class before finally checking their floatability.  We were really pleased with our models; they ALL floated!  However, some lasted longer than others!


Please have a look at our photos to see how the day unfolded.


May Dancing Event - May 2019

The yearly celebration where the whole school comes together to perform traditional maypole & country dances to parents, friends and community members.




Well done to all classes for their wonderful dancing and especially to Woodpeckers for your spectacular maypole displays.


Come & Have a Go Athletics Years 5 & 6

Key Stage One Trip to Bristol

Monday 20th May Music Celebration