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Spring Term 2020

Spring Term Family Pictures

15.05.20 STEM Activities

Purple Mash Activities

Well done to everyone using Purple Mash to complete activities, educational games and create amazing art projects.

Friday 27th March 2020. Learning at home can be fun!


Year 6 Chemistry Workshop at Taunton School - 09/03/20

Year 6s were invited to Taunton School to find evidence of irreversible changes by taking part in a variety of chemistry experiments.



First, they mixed two pairs of clear liquids together and were amazed when one pair of liquids turned yellow and the other turned turquoise.








Next, they watched a piece of magnesium burn brightly.









Then, they added hydrochloric acid to a piece of magnesium and watched as tiny bubbles appeared - heat was also produced.


They captured the gas, then held a lit taper at the opening and it made a loud, high pitched POP





After that, they did some fire-writing and watched their initial letter burn out of a piece of paper right in front of their very eyes!




A huge thank you to Mr Williams for the very kind invitation & running the workshop.


For more details about each of these experiments & to see more photos, please head over to Woodpeckers' Class page of Recent Activities.

Thursday 5th March 2020. World Book Day activities and celebrations.

Woodpeckers' dance display depicting our Solar System - 14/02/20

In P.E., we have been creating a dance based on all the planets in our Solar system, including our moon and Sun.  We spent this half-term working in pairs & groups to capture the essence of each planet & recreate it in the form of dance.  At the end of the term, we performed our dance to the rest of the school and our parents.

Robins French Cafe.

Collective Worship with Rev Jim

Building an igloo using leaves

Year 6 Science Workshop at Taunton School - 03/02/20

Year 6s were invited to Taunton School to enhance their scientific knowledge by undertaking a physics experiment.  Their aim was to create & test a force meter (or Newton meter), using rubber bands & a ruler.

After building & testing their force meter, they were able to plot a graph & document their experiment.  A huge thank you to Mr Williams for inviting us & leading the workshop.

Reading at The Grange