Parents must wear a face covering when on the school site ... Please make sure the children are weather prepared! Windows must be open in classrooms, an extra layer of clothing may be needed.
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Safer Internet Day 2019


On 5th February, Kingston St Mary Primary School pupils took part in (age appropriate) assemblies and activities as part of Safer Internet Day.

Key Stage 1 (Owls & Buzzards)


In the assembly,  we learnt that when we are online, we sometimes need to make choices and allow others to make choices for themselves.  We listened to a story then talked about the different choices that were made.



We know we must make good choices, so that we can look after ourselves and each other: this is also important when we are online.


We know we need to ask permission to do some things before we do them: this also applies when we are online.


People can ask us for permission and, depending on how we feel, we know we can say yes or no.



After the assembly, we drew around our hands, one on green paper & one on red paper.  On the green hand, we wrote down things we are allowed to do online, such as: use 'Purple Mash', play on 'Friv', do a 'Safe Search', etc.  On the red hand, we wrote down things we have to ask permission to do, such as: use an iPad, play on a laptop, play games on our parent's phone, watch videos on YouTube, etc.




Key Stage 2 (Robins & Woodpeckers)


Our assembly focussed on ‘Our internet, our choice.  Understanding consent in a digital world’.  We looked at many ways young people ask for, give and receive consent online and thought about: how we can better manage our online friendships & relationships; how we can make the right choices when taking & sharing photos or videos; and the best way to manage our data & privacy.



After the assembly, we worked in small groups to discuss a selection of scenarios and decide the best action to take that was respectful and favourable for everyone, then we shared our ideas.



Here are some of the scenarios and our responses:


Your parent/carer shares their favourite picture of you on their social media, but you don’t like it.


"Talk to them and ask them to take them down."

"Ask them to take it off & put another one up."

"Say 'No, please don't send it. I feel uncomfortable'."


You’ve invited your friend to join your online game and they invite some other people to join as well.


"Ask the friend for their identity before they join."

"Make the party/group private, only for friends."

"If you feel uncomfortable about this, ask permission first.  Be kind  & tell them to ask for permission as well."


You download a new game and a window appears asking for permission to know your location.


"Ask a trusted adult for advice."

"Ask your parent's permission."

"Ask your parents about it & they will say whether to allow access or deny."

"Ask your parent - if they say 'No, delete the app', then you must respect their wishes."