Thank you to all our families for supporting us by following our plans to keep everyone in school as safe as possible
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Religion and Worldviews

Summer 2020


An art competition for all ages - Religion and Worldviews

Each year the National Association for Teachers of RE run an art competition for learners of all ages. In past years all our classes have had a chance to enter the competition and have taken some Religion and Worldviews lesson time to produce their artwork. This year will be different! If you would still like to enter and would like to take some time at home to create your entry, Mrs. Taylor would really encourage you to have a go. Take a look at this link to find out more about the chosen theme "Where is God?". You need to watch from 32:59 up until 41:33. You'll also get to see some work from other students in previous years, which might help to inspire you.

If you want to read the Psalms which are recommended, the easiest place to find them is:

One last thing, you can use pencils, paint, junk modelling, clay, wool, paper, card, Lego, feathers, glue etc. to create your artwork. So let your imagination run wild! When you've completed it, take a photo of it and send it to your class teacher who will forward it to Mrs. Taylor. Don't forget, like the children's examples on the video clip, you'll need to write a short explanation about your artwork, what it shows and why you created it. 

Think deeply and have fun!

Spring 2020


Easter - Journey to the Cross


Due to the school closure, we will miss this most important of Christian Festivals. For families who wish to do it, below is a link to ideas of how the family can reflect on the meaning of Easter and learn about Jesus' journey to the cross.