Thank you to all our families for supporting us by following our plans to keep everyone in school as safe as possible
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Recent Activities

Tuesday 8th September. Today we have been designing our topic book covers.We are really glad to be back at school.

Monday 13th July 2020. Ruben wishes he hadn't planted his sunflower in his greenhouse. It's huge!

Tuesday 7th July 2020. Steffan has been having a go at our well-being activity this week. Brody and Finley have been baking with bananas and Jesse has been celebrating all her hard work through lock down with a huge bar of chocolate. Ruben received a Joe Wicks t-shirt for completing all his workouts.Well done everyone!

Monday 13th July 2020. Jesse has been stacking pebbles.

Monday 6th July 2020. Have a go at making some of these pictures out of pebbles you find on the beach. I managed to make lots of things from pebbles I found on Beer beach last weekend.

Friday 3rd July 2020. Some exciting activities have been happening in Somerset this week.

Thursday 2nd July 2020. Jesse has been enjoying our Well-being activities each week. This is her latest creation.

Friday 26th June 2020. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Thursday 25th June 2020. Everyone's been keeping themselves very busy this week. Well done everyone, keep up the good work!

Tuesday 23rd June. Pointillism Leaf Art by Ella and some delicious cakes made by Isabelle.R.

Monday 22nd June. Thank you Connor, Jacob and Jesse for sending me these super photo's. I've enjoyed hearing about the virtual quiz Jesse hosted last week. Well done to everyone that took part.

Friday 19th June 2020. Josh has been continuing to work hard and Isabelle has been practising her drawing skills. Well done both of you!

Monday 15th June 2020. Everyone's been having fun over the weekend.

Friday 12th June 2020. Home Learning is always fun in the garden.

Thursday 11th June. Freddie has been enjoying his swimming at Tarr Steps, helping his dad in the digger and growing his sunflower. Josh is continuing to work hard with spelling and writing. He also had a drawing competition with his mum.

Tuesday 9th June. Tom has been building some unique models with his Lego over the last week. He has also made some delicious homemade pizza.

Friday 5th June 2020. I think Jesse is winning our sunflower growing competition so far. Don't forget to send me your photographs each week.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020. What have you been doing over half term?

Friday 22nd June. Jesse has been doing lots of baking this week.

Thursday 21st May 2020. What have you been doing this week?

Monday 18th May. Tilly has been working hard this weekend in her garden.

Friday 18th May 2020. Everyone has been very busy this week. Well done to everyone who completed their tasks on Purple Mash and White Rose.

Thursday 14th May Some amazing photo's from this week.

Thursday 7th May 2020 We are getting ready to celebrate the 75th anniversary of V E Day.

Wednesday 6th May. Home learning activities this week.

Friday 1st May 2020 Thank you for all the fantastic photographs of your home learning activities.

Thursday 23rd April. Some of the fantastic activities families have been enjoying at home this week.

Monday 20th April 2020. Home learning in the Edwards and Holt houses looks fun!

Monday 20th April 2020. Well done to Jesse and William who raised £60 for the NHS by washing bikes and scooters over the Easter holidays.

Thursday 16th April. I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving all the lovely Emails from parents and pupils over the last couple of weeks. It has been wonderful to see all the fantastic activities you have been doing at home. Please keep sending me photographs so that I can upload them onto the website.

Thursday 26th March. Thank you so much for all the photographs you have sent me. It shows that learning at home does'nt just have to be about maths and English.

Friday 20th March. It's 'Fun Day Friday'. We are having hot chocolate and playing board games today while celebrating all our hard work over the last two terms.

Friday 7th March. We are learning to be brave when using the gym equipment.

Reading with the international students from Taunton School.

Thursday 5th March 2020. World Book Day activities and celebrations.

Friday 14th February. Putting the final touches to our Anglo-Saxon dance performance.

Thursday 13th February. Thank you to all the parents and children that came to our French Cafe. We raised £180.00 towards classroom resources.

Monday 10th February. It's the start of 'Enterprise Week'. We have been given a £50 budget to come up with ideas on how to improve an area of our school. We have chosen the 'Reflective Garden'.

Wednesday 5th February. Year 4 visited Blackbrook Sports Centre for a morning of sports. The aim of the session was to introduce the fundamental skills required to improve performance in net/wall games.

Wednesday 5th February. Portraits of King Alfred the Great. He became King of Wessex in AD 871.

Wednesday 5th February. The Bayeux Tapestry, a historical record created in the 11th century, is the only masterpiece of its kind in the world. The manufacture of this work was, in all probability, entrusted to an Anglo-Saxon workshop supervised by Odon de Conteville, Bishop of Bayeux and half brother of William the Conqueror.

Monday 3rd February. We played some fraction 'snap' games.

Monday 3rd February. E Safety. We were asked to write an Email to a friend advising them on how to keep safe on the internet..

Friday 31st January Getting ready for our Saxon performance.

Myths and Legends from Robins Class.

Thursday 30th January Design and construction of Anglo Saxon buildings.

Tuesday 28th January 2020. Today we have started looking at Fractions in maths.

Friday 24th January 2020 Today we are celebrating the Chinese New Year by cooking and sharing a delicious meal.

Thursday 23rd January What a fantastic school trip! Today we visited the Somerset Museum in Taunton. The children were able to take part in a recreation of the Battle of Edington, read some runes, design their own rune stone, make their own Alfred Jewel and learn about Saxon poetry.

Friday 10th January. Saxon dance lessons. We listened to music from 'The Hobbit' film and thought about how the Saxons travelled around.

Wednesday 8th January 2020. We are designing and beginning to decorate our Saxon shields.

Friday 20th December Well done to all the children who took part in the Carol Concert last night in the church. We were very proud of our Year 4's who had speaking parts.

We all got together today to wish our friends in New Zealand a very Happy Christmas. We miss you Harrison and Eva and hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday 19th December. Today we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner.

Monday 16th December. Designing our own Christmas Number One Hit Song. People who write pop songs work in different ways. Some people start with the lyrics (the words), others start with a melody (the tune).

Thursday 12th December Robin's Great Christmas 'Bake Off' Celebration.

Monday 9th December Robins musical performance.

Friday 6th December. Fencing with Mrs Griffiths and Miss Storey.

Friday 6th December. We have started to design our Christmas stars.

So far we have sold 120 tea-towels which has made £300 for our class. We still have 30 available to buy.

Thursday 5th December Sewing Christmas trees ready for the front of our cards.

Wednesday 4th December Painting Christmas wreaths with watercolours.

Friday 29th November. We have been testing our reaction times during this weeks fencing lesson with Mrs Griffiths and Miss Storey.

Thursday 21st November States of matter investigation.

Monday 11th November This week we will be focussing on division.

Friday 8th November Fencing lessons with Mrs Griffiths and Miss Storey.

Thursday 7th November This week we have been looking at multiplication and division.

Friday 25th October It's board game Friday!

Friday 25th October Getting ready for half term.

Friday 25th October A very muddy rugby game today but we all had great fun!

Tuesday 22nd October Clearing out the vegetable plots and getting ready to plant.

Thursday 17th October. Some of the children who have guitar lessons with Mrs Sweeting played us a short piece this afternoon.

Thursday 17th October Today we are making soup because it's National Soup Week. Most of the vegetables have been grown in our own gardens at home. We are looking forward to a deliciously healthy lunch.

Friday 11th October Cubism. An artist study on Pablo Picasso. Picasso looked at people differently. He wanted to capture all their features, from all angles, together at once.

Friday 11th October Even though the England game is cancelled in Japan tomorrow, the weather won't stop Robin class. We enjoyed a blustery but energising rugby session in the mud this morning.

Wednesday 9th October We have been designing outfits that will advertise our new chocolate bars. We are hoping Mr Wonka will take them into production in his factory.

Monday 7th October Harvest Festival

Thursday 3rd October Making 'Harvest Bread'.

Tuesday 1st October. We are studying the Roald Dahl classic 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Today we tasted different types of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. They included 100% Dark, Habanero Chilli, Caramel and 36% White chocolate. The children were asked to think about the taste and come up with some interesting vocabulary to use in their writing. It was a fun lesson!

Thursday 26th September Research project presentations.

Hockey with Mrs Griffiths and Miss Storey.

We have been looking closely at the book 'How to Live Forever' by Colin Thompson. Using magnifying glasses, we have been looking for evidence in text and illustrations. We then used this evidence to designed our own Willow Pattern plates.

New Robins Autumn 2019