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Project 1 - Chatbot



We have been learning how to program our own talking robot.


We had to decide on a name for our chatbot, where they lived and what sort of personality they would have.


We programmed our chatbot to have an interactive conversation and react according to our answers.


It was a bit of a challenge but here are our chatbots. Click on the chatbot word next to each picture to view the project (please note - these links will take you away from our school website).




Skye's chatbot - have a chat.









Have a conversation with Dan's chatbot.









See what Olly's chatbot has to say.









What do you think of Rosie's chatbot?










See how friendly Isabel's chatbot is.








Find out what Kobe's chatbot is like.









Try talking with Paige's chatbot.









See how cute Evie's chatbot is.









Why is Isabella's chatbot looking grumpy?









Amity's chatbot - find out what she wants to say to you.








What is the joke that Archie's chatbot wants to tell you?








Travel with Jamie's chatbot to the moon.










Journey to the moon with Esmae's chatbot.








Josh's chatbot wants to talk to you.