Thank you to all our families for supporting us by following our plans to keep everyone in school as safe as possible
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Monday 13th July



This will be my last post of the term. I will be closing my school email account on Friday 18th July.


All I have set you for this week is comprehension, on Purple Mash.


I think we are all exhausted, so therefore, I am ending term a bit earlier, as a reward for you all doing so well, during Lockdown.


I would like to say how proud I am of you all; it definitely hasn't been easy. I hope you all have a truly wonderful and relaxing summer break and I look forward to seeing those of you who will be returning in September.


Year 6: I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for our 'Farewell' picnic. You have been dealt a raw deal and I am so sorry that you have not been able to experience all of the opportunities in your final year at Primary School. I know that you will all do brilliantly as you begin a new adventure at Secondary School. I have very much enjoyed teaching you all in the past two years-it has been a pleasure to see you all blossom into the wonderful people that you are.


Lastly, I would like to thank you, the parents. Without your support over these strange, few months, we wouldn't have been able to do our job. Thank you so much for all of the help and guidance you have given your children. I am speaking from experience, when I say I know how tough and stressful  home-schooling can be. You all deserve medals.


Take care and keep safe.


Mrs.P devilx

Tuesday 30th June


Hi Everyone!


Still hanging-in there, I hope?!? You are all doing really well to keep-up with your home-schooling. Some of you are working particularly hard. Thank you.blush


Hopefully you have all collected your learning packs and your school books. I think there are a couple of piles still sitting near the office.


Spellings: These will be end of term spellings, which means you will need longer to learn them, as there are more. If you are someone who has reduced spellings, please choose some to learn from the list.


Purple Mash: Activities have been loaded.


Monday 22nd June


Hello everyone,


How are you all? I hope you had a good weekend. This week is supposed to be hot and sunny, which makes a change from the rain and thunderstorms. 


Purple Mash: Work has been uploaded. Apologies, Year 5, I didn't update it on Friday as I was poorly.


Learning Packs: These will be available to collect on Friday 26th June. This will be the last pack that I am providing, as it will take you up to the penultimate week before term ends. For the last remaining week (13th-17th) I will put learning activities on Purple Mash.


Spellings: Please see below.


Phone calls: If you would like a phone call, this week, please let me know via email or Purple Mash. I will assume you won't want a phone call unless I hear from you.


Have a great week. As always, email me, if you have any problems.


Thank you.


Mrs P.cheeky

Monday 15th June


Good Morning!


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Hopefully, some of you have now been able to see grandparents or other members of your family (at a safe social distance, of course!). I think that life is very slowly, getting back to normal. Yippee!


Purple Mash: You still have some comprehension tasks, set from last week. Please continue to work on these. I will add more tasks, today.


Learning packs: These were ready for collection on Friday (12th). If you haven't managed to collect yours or are having trouble collecting them, please let the office know and we'll do what we can to help.


Phone calls: Again, it was lovely to speak to some of you, on Thursday. I am so glad that you are all coping with it as well as you are. 

I will be ringing again, on Thursday 25th June. However, if you feel you need a chat before this time, please email me and we can organise this.


Spellings: Please see below.


Power points: I am going to upload (if it will allow me) some useful PP to help with your History and Science tasks.


Have a good week. Remember, if you need anything, please email me.


Mrs Pdevil

Monday 8th June 2020


Good Morning!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


Purple Mash: Comprehension activities have been added for both year groups.


Spellings: Please see the attached document, below.


Learning Packs: These will be available to collect on Friday 12th June.


If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to email me. I'll respond as quickly as I can.


Phone calls: It was so lovely chatting with you all, last week. I was so impressed with  how polite you all were. Thank you.  I shall be ringing you every Thursday afternoon. However, if you feel you don't want a weekly chat, please let me know. 


Have a good week.


Mrs P blush

EXAMPLE OF A COMPLETED TUDOR ROSE: This might be helpful to look at, so you can see what you are aiming for.

Monday 1st June


Hi Everyone,


Learning packs: these will available to collect tomorrow. These can be collected from 9.30am on-wards. They will be individually labelled and found in a box, near the door to the front office. Don't forget, that if you are coming in to school, I will give you your pack.


Purple Mash: I have added comprehension and activities. These will start as of tomorrow (2nd June).


Spellings: Please see the upload below.


Please note that I will not be giving daily updates on here, unless I need to give you a message. All work you need, should be in your packs or on Purple Mash.


Thank you!!!


Have fun!


Mrs P

Next Half Term


Hello Everyone,


I very much hope you have all had a lovely, restful half term; I know I have taken advantage of the beautiful


I thought it would be helpful to give you an update for the next half term.


As you are all now probably aware, the Government has partially reopened schools for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. This means that I shall be returning to work on the 1st June.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, I have prepared packs for each year group, which will be available to collect from school, on Tuesday 2nd June. These tasks should take 2 weeks to complete. I will add a crib sheet of instructions, in each pack, so you will know what you have to do. On Friday the 12th June, I shall prepare the next two weeks' worth of work, which will be available to collect on Monday 15th June. This cycle will continue until the end of term. If you are in Year 6 and you are coming into school, I will give you your pack when I see you, next week. You will work on these in class and the days when you are at home. If you have any issues collecting this from school, please let the office know. I would also be very grateful if you could bring the empty, paper document wallet (given in March) to put your work in. Thank you. 

I will continue to upload daily tasks on Purple Mash but it won't be as much. I will upload weekly spellings and any science, on our class page, which I will do, each Monday.



I will be unable to respond to emails, during the day, but I will try and answer them at the end of my working day.



Although I have provided work for both cohorts, the Government has set clear guidance about where you can participate in extra learning and guidance. I will, however, continue to do the very best I can to support each child in my class.


If you know of any parents who may not check the website, I'd be really grateful if someone could let them know via the parents' Whatsapp Group Chat. Thank you.


Huge apologies for the long-winded message. If it doesn't make sense, please let me know.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Mrs Psmiley

Thursday 21st May and Friday 22nd May


Good Morning!


I hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine that we had.


Purple Mash:

Year 5&6: Comprehension. You'll notice that I have added 2 chapters and 2 quizzes for Thursday and Friday. This is because I want the current book to be finished before half term. You'll be pleased to know that because of this, I have not added any written tasks. 


Science: Please finish off any incomplete work.


Maths: I am going to upload the next maths mat and an arithmetic paper.


SPAG: a paper will be uploaded for each year group.


Spellings: Try and do your test on Friday or over the weekend.


After half term, it is highly likely that I will be returning to school, so things will change. A letter should be coming out about this over the next couple of days. I will update you again, towards the end of next week, letting you know how things will work.


Wishing you all a very Half Term. Well done for coping with this strange situation we are in. I know it's been tough, trying to work at home, but you've all done such an amazing job (well done to your parents,'s not easy!!!)


Take care everyone and have a good rest.


Mrs Pblush



SPAG: YEAR 6: TEST 4&5. You only need to do 1 but if you feel like a challenge there is a 2nd one to have a go at.

SPAG: YEAR 5. MAT 1&2. Choose your level (1, 2 or 3 *). Answer sheets attached.

Wednesday 20th May


Good Morning, Woodies,


Thank you for all of your hard work, yesterday. It's great to see more people logging-in to Purple Mash.


There'll be no uploads, today!


Purple Mash:

Years 5&6: Comprehension plus activities.

Maths: I have added maths on here for today; thought I'd give you a break from your Maths Mats.

Focus: Fractions: Equivalent fractions and ordering fractions with different denominators. Have a really good go.


Science: continue with your Science work which I set yesterday.


Have a great day......nearly half term!


Mrs. Pangel


Tuesday 19th May


Good Morning,


First off, apologies for not giving an update for yesterday-hopefully you found the work on PM?!? Secondly, sorry Year 6. It took me so long to mark though Year 5s' work that I haven't manged to mark yours. That's my first priority for today.


Purple Mash:

Both year groups: I have added comprehension activities, only. The rest of today's work is uploaded on the website.


Maths: Maths Mat 3


Science: Lesson 3: Jane Goodall (British scientist who studied chimpanzees)

There are 2 tasks  with 3 different level task sheets you can choose from, for each task. Please choose sensibly.

Again, I could not upload the Powerpoint file as it was too large. If you have a Twinkl account, you can find this here.


Spellings: Test to be done on Friday or over the weekend.


Thank you.


Mrs Psmiley

Friday 15th May


It's nearly the weekend!!!! Phew.


I have noticed that there are fewer people now completing tasks on PM. The history activities are all due in by tomorrow and I haven't received many completed ones. As I have said before, I know home-schooling is tricky and sometimes it's really hard to get motivated. Please try your best. 

Thank you to those children who have completed most tasks.


Purple Mash:

Comprehension, activities and SPAG have been added for each Year group.


Maths: Maths Mat 2 to complete, please.


Spelling: Please try and ask someone to test you on the weekend.


Enjoy your weekend...when it arrives.


Mrs P

Thursday 14th May


Good Morning,


Purple Mash:

Comprehension and activities have been added for both year groups.


Maths: Continue with maths mats


Keep practising your tables, spellings and reading. They are all very important.


Thank you.


Mrs P

Wednesday 13th May


Good Morning!


I hope you all had a good day, yesterday. At least the sun was shining.smiley


Purple Mash:

Both year groups have comprehension, SPAG and tables set.

Please also continue with your History activities.


Maths: Please complete the next maths mat.


Just to let you know, I am in school from Wednesday to Friday, this week. If you do send me emails, I will not be quite as speedy at replying as I usually am. I will get back to you asap.


I think that's all.


Have a fab day.


Mrs Pcheeky

Tuesday 12th May


Hi Everyone,


Spellings: I think I may have uploaded the same spellings as last week, so I am attaching some new ones, today. Huge apologies.


Purple Mash: 

Year 5: I have added the next instalment of your comprehension.

I will also be uploading some SPAG on here, as you don't have a written task for the PM comprehension, today.

Year 6: I'm not sure what has happened but none of yesterday's comp work and activities were showing-your folders were empty. I had definitely put the work on so I'm not sure what has happened. So.......I've reloaded Chapter 2, the quiz and the activity. If you've already done it, just ignore it. I have also added Chapter 3 for you, plus an activity to do with Chapter 3. If you can understand what I've written,,,, you deserve a medal. Email, if you are unsure.


Maths: Continue with the next maths mat.


Please continue working on your History activities.


Sorry for all of the confusion.


Mrs Psurprisedevil

YEAR 5: 12/05: SPAG (this is actually a paper aimed at Year 6s but it'll be good pratice for you, Year 5)

Monday 11th May


Good Morning, Everyone,


I hope you all had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.


Thank you to everyone who emailed me their spelling test results. A really good effort from you all; well done!


Purple Mash: I have set the next comprehension task for each year group.

History: I have given you a week to complete this. There are 3 tasks. If you can't get all 3 done, then please try and do the 2 activities based on William the Conqueror and Harold Godwinson. It will require you to do some research, either using  the internet or books. You can present it on the sheet given to you in PM or you can use your exercise book to create a double page fact file about each king.


*I have also included 2 powerpoints and a William the Conqueror colouring sheet (just for fun!).


Maths: Please continue with your maths mats.

Religion and Worldviews

Head over to the Woodies' Religion and Worldviews page to find your activites for this week.

Thursday 7th May


Hi Everyone,


Last day of the working week..... it's Bank Holiday on no work!!!! I bet you're all so disappointed!!!


Purple Mash: I have set a new comprehension for each year group.

Year 6: I have uploaded a SPAG PDF from PM, which relates with your comprehension.

Year 5: all of your activities are on Purple Mash.


Maths: Please work on the next Maths mat.


Science: Mammels.

I couldn't upload the Powerpoint presentation as the file was too large. Those of you who hace access to Twinkl, should be able to find it on there.


History: VE Day activities.


Spellings: Test tomorrow, please. I have uploaded new ones to learn. Test, next Friday (15/05)


I hope you all have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend. The weather is supposed to glorious. 


Mrs P cheeky


Wednesday 6th May


Good Morning, Woodies,


Thankfully, my Wifi is behaving itself; phew.


Please continue to finish anything on Purple Mash. I will not be setting anything new on there until tomorrow.


Maths: Continue with the next Maths mat. Remember to think about which level you should be working at.


Science: lesson 2: Plant Reproduction


Please continue to read, learn spellings and practise your times tables. Don't forget you have a bank of activities to do for VE Day.


Have a good day blush

Important Message.


Mrs Phelps will not be available on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of May. 
I will try and set work for the next 2 days if I  can. 
Please be aware that if you send emails or messages, they may not be answered until Thursday. 
Thank you very much. 

Monday 4th May


Good Morning, Woodies,


How are you all? I hope you have all had a good weekend.


This week:

Maths: please complete a maths mat, each day. The answers are on the 2nd sheet.. Decide which sheet you will do. Think about what I would give you to do at school.


Science: Lesson 1: Parts of a flower. Please watch the powerpoint and complete the flower sheet.


History: I've steered away from our history topic, this week. Next weekend, we shall be celebrating VE Day (Victory in Europe). I have added some activities for you to work through.


Please look at your 2-dos in Purple Mash. There will always be something set on there for you to do. 


Thank you if you gave me your spelling results. I didn't have many emailed to me! Please note that new spellings have been uploaded.


Have fun!


Mrs P

Maths. 04/05/20 Choose which mat is suitable for your level. Answers are attached.

Religion and Worldviews

This term Woodies will be taking a look at Islam and finding out more about why Muslims do some of the things they do. Our aims are listed here:

By the end of this unit pupils will be able to:  

  • understand that the Qur’an is the original and most basic source of God’s Law, but Hadith provide Muslims with the practical interpretations of how to apply the Qur’an to everyday life. Muslims believe Muhammad received instructions from Gabriel and so these are as valid as those in the Qur’an. 

  • understand that the practices of Zakat (giving) and Saum (fasting during Ramadan) illustrate the concept of Khalifah.  

  • raise and suggest answers to relevant questions in response to what they have learnt about the Islamic belief in submitting to the will of Allah. · Attempt to support their answers using reasons and/or information 

  • explain Muslim belief that humans have a tendency to forget, ignore or tamper with, God’s clear message. 

  • understand that Muslims believe the Qur’an is (a) the word of God not a human creation, (b) is the authentic version of the revelations to Muhammad in word, rhythm (it is poetic) and so must be read in Arabic, (c) the most comprehensive and final book of knowledge and instruction to believers.  

  • understand the Muslim belief that humans have not followed God’s message in the past because of over self-confidence (hubris)  

Pupils will know:  

  • that humans have the role of Khalifah, trustees of Allah’s creation. All things belong to Allah. Muslims have always studied nature for signs and wonders of Allah. 

  • the story of Bilal and understand why this story is important to Muslims. 

  • the Muslim belief that Muhammad is the final Prophet. 

  • the names of Prophets that lived before Muhammad who are named in the Qur’an, including: Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus so Muslims do not criticise the prophets of other religions, because of this. Muslims show great respect to these by adding the phrase, ‘peace be upon them’ 

  • Muslims show great respect to the sacred texts of other religions; such as gospels and Torah. 

  • Know that Islam means “Submission (to the will of Allah)” and the word Muslims means someone who has willingly submitted themselves to Allah.


Head over to the Woodpecker class Religion and Worldviews page for weekly activities to help with this.

Friday 1st May




It's FRIDAY!!! Yippee. As it's the end of the week, I will not upload any extra work for today. Instead, I would like you to finish any outstanding tasks on PM and complete today's tasks that have been assigned. You can also login to TT Rockstars and practise your tables.


Don't forget to do your spelling test and give me your score.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Pwink


PS I will upload a new set of spellings on the weekend.

Thursday 30th April 


Hello Everyone!


I hope you are all okay. This still all seems very strange to be working from home. I hope that you are all finding it a bit more normal now.


Don't forget that I would like you to do your spelling test tomorrow and email me the results. 


As always, work for English and Science is on PM.


Maths work is attached below. Just do what you can manage. If long multiplication is something you find tricky, use the Year 5 help sheet that I have included.


Year 6: Apologies. I didn't mark your Prison work on PM, yesterday. I will do this, today. 

Wednesday 29th April


Morning, Woodies!


Activities are set on Purple Mash. You should find some comprehension and Science tasks. Thank you very much to all of those people who are working conscientiously everyday, trying your  best to complete the work set. 


Maths: Negative Nos. Please see the attachments below. 

Tuesday 28th April


Hello, Woodies.


I hope you've all had a good day.


Purple Mash: English: I have set comprehension for the next few days.

Science: I have marked some work today-I really like some of the bird designs. Please continue with these activities over the course of the week.


MATHS: Everyone can watch the Powerpoint. There are set tasks for each Year group. Year 5, if you are super whizzy, have a go at the Year 6 questions.


Don't forget to keep up with your reading and keep practising those spellings.


Remember, I'm available via email, should you need any help or have questions.


Mrs P devil


Monday 27th April 2020


Good Morning, Woodies,

I hope that you are all safe and well, keeping busy and being extra-helpful.


This week, I am going to set English and Maths, daily. I think it makes it more manageable for you and less over-whelming. I will also be setting daily comprehension with added tasks, too. For today, you will see that I have uploaded a SPAG paper and a mental maths paper for you to do for today. Some of you may be able to print these at home but if not, just write out the answers in the exercise book you were given or on paper. The answers should be at the end of each document for you to self-mark. Please make sure you do any corrections: remember this is very important!!!


*No comprehension set today on PM.


You should all be reading everyday (or sometimes listening to an audio book) and practising your spellings, please.


This week, we will be focusing on Science. Our new topic is Living Things and their Habitats. I will be setting work on Purple Mash for this.


Please try, where possible, to keep up some form of exercise. This is not only good for your physical well-being but your mental well-being, too.


Thank you!




SCIENCE: Living things and their Habitats (a very simple PP to just to give you a brief reminder)



For tomorrow's maths (Friday 24th April) I have uploaded a fun task, where you are going to make your own maths board game. I hope you enjoy it!


You'll notice that I have also uploaded spellings. Please ask someone in your household to test you next Friday and then email me your score.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.


Mrs P

Hi Everyone,


It has been lovely to look through your work, today. I have read some super newspaper articles about the Queen's coronation. Well done!


I have uploaded maths, for tomorrow (Thursday 23rd April).

Year 6: you will be focusing on negative numbers and decimal fractions

Year 5: You will be revising short and long multiplication.


Just a heads up...... I shall be uploading each year group's spellings every Friday. Please look out for these, tomorrow.


Enjoy the sunshine.


Mrs P cheeky

Good Morning, 


First of all, I would like to say thank you to those children who are working hard, everyday, trying their best. Thank you, also, for adding extra comments if you found something difficult or just simply to tell me if you enjoyed something.

Please check through my comments, if I have left you some. 


Can I also just let everyone know about my internet situation. It works very slowly and in my family, we are all using it during the day. It is very difficult for me to answer technical questions when I can't access Purple Mash. If you are experiencing problems, try not to worry. I tend to check your work after 7pm, once it's a bit quieter in my household. Just do the best you can.


I have uploaded maths for today (TUESDAY 22nd). Please do your best to keep up with all tasks so that you don't fall behind. As I said, I know it's a tricky situation at the moment but just do your very best-that's all I ask.


Have fun!


Mrs P cool

Hi Everyone,


First of all, a BIG well done to all of those who completed their tasks, today. It is really important that you are spending time, each day, on your core skills in Maths and English. I know that you are at home and things are not normal but it is officially term time and you should all be doing some school work.


I have uploaded some more Maths for both year groups. It would be really helpful if you could let me know how you found each task in the 'finished' box. Some of you have already done this, which has been great.


Hope you are all keeping well and not driving your parents too mad!?!


Mrs P 

Maths: I have added maths for Monday. 
We are going to be practising our key skills, revising our maths topics from the beginning of September. 
Year 5: formal addition

Year 6: long multiplication and long division.


Please work out each question on paper then use a calculator to check your answers. 


I will check your work each evening and add a new activity for the next day. If I feel you have struggled or you want more practice, I will continue to send you similar work. 

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well. Did you all have lots of chocolate On Sunday?smiley


I have set various 2do tasks on Purple Mash.

English: Each day, you will be required to read a chapter, answer some questions, then complete an activity related to the chapter you have read. Please think carefully about these tasks. I am expecting to see a good use of paragraphs, commas, semi-colons and some mixed clause sentences (main and subordinate clauses). I will be checking your work at the end of each day to see if you have completed your task.

*Please remember that your daily tasks for English, are only available on the allotted day. EG Chapter 1 will be available on Monday 20th only.


History: Our topic for this term is The Changing Powers of the British Monarchy.

As a nice, gentle start to this topic, we are going to take a look at our present day monarch, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and then take ourselves back a few centuries, beginning with William the Conqueror. Your task is to create a digital 94th birthday card for HRH and then make a small fact file about her. All instructions and resources can be found on your Purple Mash 2do tasks.

*History will be available from the 20th-24th April.


I will be uploading Maths at the end of this week for you.


Mrs P cool


Please email me if you have any issues.


If extra work is required before then, please contact Mrs Phelps using her gmail account (please refer to the closure letter dated Thursday 19th March) and more work will be sent via email.



The homework that is set will usually bear relevance to what has been taught and covered in class during the week, therefore helping to consolidate their learning.



Maths homework is distributed on a Thursday and due in the following Monday.



Year 6 receive English homework on Mondays, which is due in on Thursday.



We ask that all children read every night at home - at least 3 of these sessions are to an adult.  It really benefits the children and helps them to develop their comprehension and vocabulary.  Home Contact books/Reading Records are checked every Monday.



Spelling lessons are on Fridays.  A new list of spellings are given out for the pupils to learn, ready for their test the following Friday.


Each year group are given a different set of spellings to learn, which fall in line with the National Curriculum spelling standards.