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Extra-Curricular Activities

     Spring Term     

Year 6 Chemistry Workshop - 09/03/20

We were invited to Taunton School to find evidence of irreversible changes during a variety of chemistry experiments.  Our first task was to mix two clear liquids to see what happened.

We watched in amazement as one pair of clear liquids turned yellow and the other turned turquoise - a chemical reaction had occurred causing the colour change.


Next, we each took a piece of magnesium ribbon, held it over a bunsen burner and watched it burn with a bright white light.  As it burned, it reacted with the oxygen in the air to become a pile of white ash.  We learnt that this ash (known as magnesium oxide) is heavier than the original magnesium ribbon due to the chemical reaction.

Then, we added hydrochloric acid to a piece of magnesium ribbon: we watched & felt the chemical reaction as tiny bubbles appeared & heat was produced.
We captured the gas emitted by the bubbles for a few minutes in the test tube, then held a lit taper at the opening and it made a loud, high pitched POP
After that, we did some fire-writing!  We painted a solution onto some black paper in the shape of our first initial.
We let this dry before setting light to the painted area and saw our initial letter slowly burning in front of our very eyes.  Amazing!

Finally, Mr Williams mixed up a small amount of gunpowder, to show us how flammable a combination of chemicals can be.  He, also, blended another set of chemicals (very carefully in a pestle & mortar) to show us how fire could be started with water!!!

A huge thank you to Mr Williams for inviting us and for running the workshop.

Year 5 Sports Festival - 15/01/20

We took part in a leadership festival at The Taunton Academy, with many other Year 5s from local primary schools.  We had to work hard together to develop many leadership skills, such as: listening, problem solving, communication, patience & understanding and above all, teamwork.  We had a brilliant time & realised we each had many strengths, individually & as a team.

Science Workshop - 03/02/20

Year 6s were invited to Taunton School to enhance their scientific knowledge by undertaking a physics experiment.  Their aim was to create & test a force meter (or Newton meter), using rubber bands & a ruler. 

After building & testing their force meter, they were able to plot a graph & document their experiment.  A huge thank you to Mr Williams for inviting us & leading the workshop.


     Autumn Term     

Residential Week - 21/10/19-25/10/19


Woodpeckers spent an action-packed week at Kilve, participating in a variety of activities, some of which we had never tried before; these included: rifle shooting, grass sledging, climbing wall, abseiling, stream walking, archery, mountain biking, low ropes and pond dipping.  We also enjoyed: a pleasant walk to the beach to hunt for fossils and explore rock pools; a muddy walk on the Quantocks, where we worked together to build shelters; a night walk through the maze (some of us took the wrong turning!); and a morning of team-building games.


Not only were the activities amazing but the weather was favourable, the food was plentiful & delicious, the instructors were exceptional, the children were brilliantly behaved and the fresh air tired us all out.  We can't wait for the next residential...! smiley


For more photos, please follow this link to the Gallery.


Year 6 Sports Festival - 16/10/19

We were fortunate to take part in a sports festival at The Taunton Academy, against many other Year 6s from local primary schools.  We had the opportunity to play a selection of invasion games, such as Handball, Netball, Tag Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee.  We worked well together as a team, encouraging each other, respecting our opponents and generally having a great time.


Song & Dance Workshop - 13/11/19

Performing Arts teachers from Taunton School visited us for the afternoon - they worked with us to create a song & dance routine based on the 'Great Fire of London', which we later performed to the Robins' class.  To see more photos of our afternoon, please follow this link to the Gallery.


Woodpeckers singing at the village Wednesday Café Club - 11/12/19

Year 5 & 6 children performed their Christmas Carol Concert songs to the attendees of the above mentioned club.  It was their first performance to an audience and they all sang brilliantly, especially the soloists.


Whole School Theatre Trip - 17/12/19

The whole school were fortunate enough to visit the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton to watch 'The Railway Children'.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience & truly magical as the actors brought the story & the railway to life.


KS2 Christmas Carol Concert - 19/12/19

Both Robins & Woodpeckers' classes wowed parents, family & friends at St. Mary's Church, Kingston, with their Christmas performance of 'The Inn Crowd' - singing catchy songs & acting out the story of the Nativity from the perspective of the animals in the stable.