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Autumn Term Mystical Mayans

Our Topic this term is:

Mystical Mayans


We created our introduction page about the Maya People:

We were eager to conduct some research to find out who they were, where they lived, what they believed, what they invented, what they ate, etc.  We created a fact file based on all our questions about the Mayans.  

We discovered a lot about where the Maya People lived and changes that took place during their existence.
We were intrigued to discover that they worshipped Gods, much like many religions today.  Here are our fact files about each God.
It was interesting learning about the Mayans writing & counting systems, especially when we compared them to those of the Ancient Egyptians' (which we learnt about last year) and discovered they were not dissimilar.
We had a go at writing using Mayan glyphs, even creating a glyph of our own.  The number system was quite easy to understand.
We were surprised to find that the Mayans ate food similar to that in existence today, however, they did not have such a varied diet as we do.  We loved the fact that they discovered the cacao bean and invented a type of 'hot chocolate' drink, which would have been much more bitter than what we are used to today.

Art & Design

The Mayans were famous for their masks: battle masks, celebration masks & death masks.  We spent a lot of time researching this particular topic before designing & creating our very own Mayan mask.


Once we had finished designing & creating our masks, we planned & edited an information text about the process.