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Autumn Term Groovy Greeks

Our Topic this term is:



We have really enjoyed researching our Groovy Greek topic and learning all about who they were, how their civilisation developed, the gods they worshipped, where and how they lived, what they ate, etc.



The Olympus Gazette

We read some Greek myths, learned how to write newspaper reports, then wrote a report about one of the Greek stories.  We also created some wanted posters & advertisements, then compiled all our work into a website to showcase our learning journey.  Please click on the picture to open the Olympus Gazette webpage.


Design & Technology


Greek Sandals

Our DT project was to design, plan & make some Ancient Greek sandals.  We worked with a partner to choose a simple design, think about the types of material that would be practical for life in Ancient Greece & plan the making process, before cutting and assembling our sandals.  We were really pleased with the end results. smiley

Art & Design

Ancient Greek Vases

Ancient Greek vases each told a story & were used as either household vases or funeral pots.  After researching & comparing the Ancient & Modern Day Olympics, we decided to design ancient style vases with a modern day Olympic theme, before creating them using sugar paper & chalk pastels.  Can you spot which sports are depicted on our vases?

Pandora's Box & Dragonflies

Originating in Greek Mythology from a poem, composed around 700 BC by Hesiod, which tells of Pandora, whose curiosity could not stop her from opening her box (or pithos).  In doing so, she unleashed all the ills & evils into the world until she realised & closed the box, trapping 'hope' (often depicted as a dragonfly) inside.

Ancient Greek Masks

Actors would have worn masks in Ancient Greek theatres to differentiate between characters and so the audience could clearly see their facial expressions.  The masks mostly depicted comedy or tragedy, depending on the main theme of the performance.  Here are some of the masks created by Year 5 pupils.


We collaborated to investigate the lives of three famous Greeks, before writing a biography of either Pythagoras, Alexander the Great or Aristotle.


We designed our front cover to depict something we already knew about the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses

Most of us already knew the the Ancient Greeks worshipped many Gods & Goddesses but we didn't know much about any of them until we began our research.

Ancient Greek Civilisation

We assembled a timeline representing the beginning and end of the Ancient Greek civilisation.


We were able to retell the 'Battle the Marathon' using words & pictures.


Ancient & Modern Day Greece

We researched Alexander the Great & learnt about his empire, then compared it with present day Greece.


Ancient Greek Democracy

We discussed & compared the democracy governance of the Ancient Greeks & today's society in the UK.  We delved deeper into the voting system of the Ancient Greeks and were surprised by what we discovered: only men over the age of 30 yrs, who were citizens, were allowed to vote!

We compared & contrasted the differences & similarities between Athens & Sparta.

The Olympics

We knew the Olympics originated in Greece, so we researched & compared the Ancient Greek Olympics to our modern day Olympics.

Greek Food

Not only is Greece famous as the home of the Olympics, it is also famous for its cuisine.  We looked into the different types of food ingredients grown in Greece and typical Greek dishes, before creating a menu for an Ancient Greek restaurant.

Researching food & creating menus made our mouths water; eventually, we were able to taste test some typical Greek food, such as Greek salad, tzatziki, hummus, falafels, pitta bread, olives, feta cheese, etc.  Here is what we thought...!